Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is Why I Love Schneiders

There's a store called Schneider's Saddlery.  It's up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, but they have a great online store and they send out pretty catalogs of which I am a fan.

They cater mostly to the breed show people, both stock horse and Arabs and have a LOT of their own brands.  I've shopped with them online, in person, over the phone, and at their GIANT "booth" at Congress.  I hate to calculate how much I've spent there, but I find their prices to be competitive.  ALL of our winter blankets are from there.  Because they cater to the kind of show people who spend a week or a month at a show, they have a TON of handy portable show gadgets including portable blanket bars, tack hooks, show number pads, black spurs, black irons.... both of my show halters are from get the picture.  And I usually get stuff in two business days since they're only a few hours away.

So why do I love them so much?  They're SO helpful and they stand behind what they sell.  I called last fall because Captain Destructo had managed to break ALL of the snaps that close his neck cover AND the plastic ones I had replaced them with.  The item wasn't under warranty; I merely was asking if they carried the item since they carry some other "repair" items.   They sent me 6 of the hooks at no charge.

Most recently, I called them to complain about the clipper/accessory roll-up bag I bought from them.  Not an expensive item and I bought it over a year and a half ago.  When I got it the carry strap came off the first day.  No biggie, I just did a kludge repair and it was still functional, so not a big deal.  But then I noticed the seams all started splitting and with the gentlest touch were shredding.  I intended to repair it but it seemed like such a hassle so I called just to see what they'd say.  ALL of the reviews of this item are great, and KAT had one that I KNOW went through WAY more abuse than mine has and didn't show it. Even though I'd had it for that long, they sent me another one free of charge.  No hassle, no worries, just excellent customer care.  She could totally have said that it was beyond the warranty or said that I'd have to call the manufacturer, or started asking prying questions like: "well, did you stuff it too full?"  or "were you rough with it?"  None of that.

And that's why I keep shopping there.


  1. I've had exactly the same kind of experience with Schneiders. And I love them to death for it! I have a bridle bag that's supposed to arrive from them tomorrow that I'm totally excited about. For my birthday I tell everyone that Schneiders gift certificates can't be beat. Absolutely my favorite store.

  2. I completely agree—Schneiders has never provided anything less than outstanding customer service to me. I'd hate to think about all the $$ I've given them, but it's always worth it.

    Just discovered your blog and have really been enjoying it. From one novice ammy to another, thanks!