Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Rain Coat

Junior became the lucky wearer of a new rain sheet today.  I'm kind of surprised I haven't gotten him one yet considering how much it rains here in the Ohio river valley, but one new blanket a year is plenty and he doesn't get turned out in the rain all that often.  I'm more interested in using it to block the wind, keep the mud off of him on the warmer days.  The one I chose didn't come in all black so I chose the black/green combo.  I admit I was tempted to go with hot pink, but he gets beat up enough as it is.  In fact, he had two big ol' bite marks from his antics yesterday.  He needs exercise and I will be giving it to him a lot more regularly from now on.  Hopefully that'll keep him from pestering poor Bruin so much.

I haven't gotten my written evaluation from the Showmanship video class yet, but I was placed 2nd out of 3 entries.  In addition to the regular Adult Showmanship class, the judge is adding a "Jackpot" open showmanship class to the final show of the winter and it's a doozy:

Yes, that's a L-turn at the back and an EXTENDED JOG... in a SHOWMANSHIP pattern.  Woof.  I started working on the L-turn backing today and he got it pretty quickly.  We'll start on the rest this weekend.  I'm hoping I'll be able to enter one of the riding classes, too if I can sit a jog by then!  

I think YOU should enter too!!!!  Check out on Facebook!   And tell Judge Jennifer Moshier I sent you!


  1. That looks like the exact sheet I bought Lilly! I even got black and green. :)

    I had forgotten about the video showmanship stuff, but I liked her on Facebook I might enter if I can find someone to record my pattern. Congratulations on your second place!!

    1. Oh yeah! I didn't remember that, but I went back and looked at your post about yours and it's almost the same one. I almost got yours, but I finally chose the one with the 1680 denier and the 2-year guarantee since my pony will probably need it! We have terrifyingly similar tastes, you and I!!!