Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reasons My Horse Hates Me

Remember when he did this:

And remember when I joked about him needing a helmet?  Guess what I picked up for $10 today!!!!! 

Ha ha ha!!!!!!!  Now he can take the short-trailer to school!!!!!!!

I am sooooo mean!  He didn't seem to mind wearing it so we might actually use it in the trailer!  Even if we don't it was worth the ten bucks just for the entertainment!  It's stamped EquiFace Face Saver.  Creative.  I couldn't find anywhere you could buy one new, but I saw an "out-of-stock" listing that had it at $150.  I can't imagine why they aren't popular...  NOT nice enough leather to be that expensive, and it's synthetic fleece. It must have come in last weekend at their tack swap.  I also picked up a girth sock for $4.  I've always wanted one.  It's not pink or black but it'll do.  ;)

We had a nice ride today and afterwards I got his front feet/legs clipped.  I'll do the back feet tomorrow since he doesn't love sitting still long enough for me to do all four legs at a crack. I don't like pink legs so I use a 10 blade a week before a show, then just clean up the coronary band right before the show when I do the face/ears/bridlepath.  And if he needs it, I have white touch-up spray.  Such a cheater...


  1. That is hilarious...Poor Junior is going to be made fun of;)

  2. Looks good and why not? If you prevent a trailering injury it's a good deal.

  3. I've never seen anything like that before! I think you'll get a lot of comments on it, but it'll protect his head, that's for sure!

    The white touch-up spray is awesome, isn't it? :)

  4. hahaha! I have one of the head bumpers for trailering, but I've never used it, I just put it on and giggle making "short bus" comments. I've never seen one like that!

  5. Soooo if you want to sell your equiface saver I'll buy it from you. I've been looking everywhere for one I have a horse which is blind in one eye. If your interested in selling email me please Thanks Allison