Friday, April 27, 2012

Practice Video

We had a nice ride yesterday.  I shot some video since I haven't done it in a while and I wanted to see what we looked like.  I might have mentioned before that I'm a very visual learner.  The edit below is the mount-up, first bit of trot and canter, then I shut the camera off for a while.  I turned it back on to see if I could see anything different because he sure FELT longer and swingier.  I think we're doin' okay.  I just wish I could rely on him to be this relaxed and attentive at a show!

He also got his feet trimmed yesterday.  Our awesome farrier, Jim, gave me an old rasp so I could make sure he was cleaned up before the shows.  He's really wonderful.  He also told me a story of how he was taking some of another farrier's appointments because the guy had to have a nasty surgery and was out of work for a while, and Jim told the clients to send the checks to the other guy.  Heart him.

How's it goin' down there, Jim?


  1. Your farrier is a great guy . . . nice videos too!

  2. I think he looks great! I think he was a bit more forward and moving out really nice during the second half of the video, but he looked great in the first part too!

    Your farrier is definitely a nice guy! The farriers I know around here don't really like each other very much...

  3. I think you guys are looking good! Awesome farrier too - sounds like a really nice and generous guy!

  4. Where did you find those great long reins? I have been looking everywhere for a pair!

    1. They are 72" Collegiate reins. I got them at Equusnow but they no longer carry the Collegiate, only the Camelot brand in 72". I first tried some Kincade and they weren't quite long enough to still have some reins left when he extends his neck. Plus they felt flimsy and were lighter than my bridle. The Collegiate are nicer and are a perfect length for us, but not if I'm trying to do much collected work - today I almost got the bight around my foot! carries Tory brand in 72" in 3 colors for $65

    2. I will check those out, thank you! My mare is built a lot like your guy and can really extend her neck out. Even my long reins mean I'm riding on the buckle when long & low. Thank you!!