Thursday, April 26, 2012


What's been going on the past 2 1/2 weeks?  Not a ton horse-related, but it was a very busy time for me at work including assisting with the live lamb we are using in our current theatre production.  Nobody knew how to brush a sheep.  I did.  Thank you, 4-H training! ;)  That production is open so my part is essentially done and I can start getting to the barn more. Yay!!!

On the horsey front, I haven't ridden much, but the rides have been pretty good.  I'm lacking physical endurance so our rides are not long yet.  I'm sore afterwards but I don't think I'm over-doing it.  Junior has been feeling pretty crooked so he got his massage/chiro adjustment on the 18th and felt REALLY stiff and crooked when I rode him on the 19th and on the 22nd, but yesterday he felt a TON better.  I had a nice 90 minute lesson yesterday on HUS/EQ and Showmanship.  I got a lot of compliments on how we are doing compared to my lesson with her last summer so I guess I've been doing okay on my own. :)  Yay for amateur-maintained horses!

I also got my critiques back from the final Fuzzy Fun on Film show.  I was 1st of 2 in the Adult Showmanship and tied for Reserve High Point Showmanship with that score.  I was last of 5 in the Jackpot Showmanship but she told me I actually had the best looking pattern... aside from leaving out that trot to walk transition.  Dang it!!!!!!  Ah well.  Nice to hear it was a good pattern considering how down I was after watching the videos.  I guess I continue to be me my own worst critic.

We're a week and a half away from our first show of the season.  It's just a local open show sponsored by the county 4H Horse Advisors, so there's not a lot of pressure, but ... well you know what this blog is called, right?  I've got my hauling and braiding set up and I need to get my stuff in order this weekend so I just have to put the bags in the car the night before the show.

Unfortunately the cow clinic scheduled for Sunday was cancelled because we didn't get enough people registered.  I am completely bummed about it, but there's nothing to be done.  I'll just have to keep waiting for the change to see if Junior really does have cutting training.

I'm off now to meet the farrier for a trim.  I'll see how he's feeling and I'll ride or do showmanship or lunge.


  1. Congratulations on your showmanship placings! Even if the pattern was wrong, I'm sure it's nice to know you did so well. Do you win any awards for being reserve champion?

    I'm excited that show season is finally kicking off for everyone. I can't wait to hear how you and Junior do. :)

    1. I think we get a tri-color ribbon for reserve HP but I'm not positive. She said she's having issues with Hodges and didn't have the ribbons to give out yet. I'll let you know!