Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crabby vs. Crabby

I really wish the outdoor ring didn't flood every time it rains. It's not enough that it's so humid out my horse was actually sticky to the touch. The indoor was just stifling enough to make both of us hot and crabby. NO BREEZE. I also think his shoes are causing problems...and that on top of all the problems *I* cause by not really knowing what to do with him when we're riding alone. PLUS I forgot to put my spurs and learned that they are pretty necessary to getting his attention. There were two other horses in the ring and they weren't a huge problem for him, but I started to feel embarrassed that I probably looked like I didn't know how to ride my own horse. It was weird, he'd go halfway around the rail with a flat neck and a nice slow jog with minimal fussing on my part and then UP goes the head and UP goes the speed and the war begins. I know neither of us was enjoying the heat but it's hard for me to know how far I can push him. He was more trippy than he was on Thursday, too, so I was actually not willing to try a lope. I asked him once and he started to go but really acted like he changed his mind and didn't want to and didn't feel balanced to me. The last thing I wanted to do on this sticky wet day was to slide across the arena together. No thanks. So I chickened out and just made him jog more. Circles, serpentines, bends, stuff like that.

I went ahead and hosed him down afterwards, which he really didn't mind. He had nice dirty sweat marks where his boots were. He needs a real bath, but I haven't figured out where to tie him yet and I haven't bought any horse shampoo so that'll have to wait. I brushed out his tail for the first time with the new brush I got for him. Of course he rolled as soon as I untied him. Of course. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, but I'm going to go out anyway in the afternoon. Hopefully it will be a little cooler. I'll take my new clippers and do is muzzle. Still haven't decided about roaching again or not.

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