Friday, September 5, 2008

Mentally pacing.

I feel like I'm pacing...back...and forth... and back.....and forth.... waiting for Monday when the horse is HERE instead of THERE. Sigh.

Not much exciting happened today, just made a saddle decision, mentally not verbally, and shopped for a show halter. Not that I need one, but I thought it'd be nice for pictures. I would like to do showmanship again someday, but currently the boy doesn't seem to posess that skill set. Something to work on, I guess.

It's interesting that, like saddles, you seem to find either the really nice show halters you can't afford OR the cheapie ones that you know are crappy leather (probably Rat or perhaps horse - the irony of which I would NOT appreciate) and radioactive metal composite aka "silver". I know in pictures the cheap ones will look okay, or at least look pretty to my non-horsey friends/family. Maybe that's something to look for at Congress - used show halters. I was told to wait for Congress to buy a blanket, too. I keep finding these cool looking vintage show halters on Ebay, but I'm apparently not the only person who thinks they're cool and those other people seem to think they're worth more money than I have.

Tomorrow it's buckets and a bit, maybe a halter. Then I try to get some work done, spend some time with a friend. We'll have to see how the shopping trip goes.

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