Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday I took my friend (who happens to be a DVM) out to meet Junior. She was really impressed with him and very approving of my choice in him. She was vacationing in Ireland when I made the decision to buy him, so I was hoping she would approve. She had been with me on half of my horse visits and she proved to be a WONDERFUL asset. She (smartly) didn't "vet" for me officially, but she has a good eye for conformation and was able to spot some lameness in one of my previous choices that I didn't even see.

Anyway, I needed to clean his stall so I put him out in one of the turn-outs. There are double fences between pastures so horses can't injure each other if a spat breaks out. This was the first time he's been turned out when there were horses in the adjacent pasture and he went absolutely bonkers! He noticed there were other horses and he walked over to the fence. One of the other horses saw him and came over. Junior's tail went straight up and he took off down the fence line bucking and whinnying and the other horse ran along, too. The two of them (and the second horse in the other pasture) tore back and forth along their fence lines. Junior's tail was straight up and even curled backwards he was SO happy to be "with" other horses! I'm going to look into the turn-out opportunities to find out what our best option is. Turn out isn't included in board but is available through the barn staff. I think it's ridiculous that it's not included, but I knew that before I brought him there. I think it would be best for him to have some social turn-out time.

Riding wise I just got on him and hacked around. Didn't do much schooling, but took him through all his gaits and his lope is getting better and better. His front feet are a little rough on the edges because of the rocky outdoor arena, but Dr.Friend just told me to monitor it. It's so nice to have the shoes off, though, he's so much more balanced. Our lope-off is getting easier, too.

I have some work to do today so I decided to change plans (WAS going to get up and go ride then give him a REAL bath) but since I have such a list of work stuff to do I thought it best to finish it first and then see how much time I have left. So I can have GFBT "Guilt Free Barn Time" without the nagging feeling of still having work to do when I get home and fearing I'm not going to get it done. Rather be able to relax and take my time at the barn.

So stop blogging and finish the work.....!

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