Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun With Flymasks - Trial Run

The need for a new flymask became more imminent yesterday when I got a call early in the morning that Junior's eye was swollen shut. Great. Long story short; sometime in the night he hurt his right eye and had a small spot on his cornea. Not as bad as the cornea scratch he had on the left, but certainly more swollen. So the vet came and we are following the same procedure which will probably be followed the same bill. Sigh.

So after the vet visit I went out and bought him a Cashel with ears and nose. I may have gotten the wrong size. In all the catalogs I've looked at them I've never seen the size chart they so helpfully print on the box. Of course I don't know his head measurements off hand, I just know his head is too big for an Arab sized halter, but I always need to poke more holes in the crown of "average" halters. I chose the SM QH/Arab/Cob size. I think it fits, but maybe a little more fitted than it should be. It seems to be away from his eyes and after an initial rub on the fence he seemed to leave it alone. His swelling was way down when I went back out in the evening so I let him try it out for an hour and I don't think I can return it, but I might go get the next size up and see if that's too big. It was still on when I got him out of the field. It's a much nicer design than the first one we had before. It doesn't go as far down on his nose but his nose is buried in the grass most of the time anyway. I just hope he gets used to it and I don't have to resume the fly-mask-in-a-grass-field game every day.


  1. I'm a big fan of that mask - they look like they're ready to go into battle!

  2. My guy gets really bad sunburn on his nose and won't tolerate sun screen so I got him the Cashel last year ( His nose does stick out a bit as you can see but it stayed nearly sun burn free all summer. He decided to rip the nose piece off near fall but by that time it wasn't as bad so I haven't had a chance to fix the mask (he ripped it off in a nice straight line at a seam so it should be simple to fix). He didn't remove it other than that all summer.

  3. Wow, look at that grass!!

    I would think you could take it back after an hour of having it on him, especially if it might be too small. Hopefully it works out great for Junior, fits his face, and stays put. :)