Friday, May 21, 2010

"Fun" with Flymasks?

I have a horse with nearly a "bald face", clipped ears for show, and a Corpora Nigra cyst in his right eye. Triple whammy for the need of a fly mask. So I need a mask that blocks UV to his eyes, keeps the bugs out of his ears, and keeps the UV off of his precious pink nose.

Shouldn't be a problem, but the one I have, at left but in the nerdier blue plaid version as seen here has not met Junior's personal approval and he's developed a sure-fire way to get rid of it. Both the TOG and myself have given up on that one. First he just ripped the nose piece off which is held on by velcro on top and bottom. I shortened the front piece hoping that would help but next he pulled it off completely.... over and over again.

So the two I'm looking at are the Cashel Crusader at right, and a freaky looking one from Schneiders that resembles a sleazy with big mesh bags over the eye holes. Yup, it looks as stupid as it sounds. You can see it here. But like my friend in2paints pointed out, if it works and stays on who cares if it's ugly. She's so smart.

I can go feel one of the Cashel masks at EquusNow but won't be able to fully examine the one from Schneiders unless I order it.

Oh what fun!


  1. I've been using the Crusader on two of my horses and I really like it - it stays well off their eyes and the ears and nose are also good.

  2. Hehe... your post made me laugh. :)

    My main concern about the one from Schneider's (aside from my horse's self esteem) is that I can't tell what the mesh is like. It doesn't look "darted" over the eyes like the other masks and I wonder if it would ever get pushed in and end up resting on the eyes. It looks a little like tent screen material... soft and flimsy.

    It does look the most secure, though... would it provide enough protection for Junior's nose?

  3. As a previous owner of a bald-faced palomino,
    I recommend the Cashel long with ears. Now, if with too rambunctious of pasture mates, no fly mask is safe, but we've had good luck with these.

  4. I have the Cashel one and it works great for my paint. He has a bald face too, pick nose and a blue eye and its great. He hasnt managed to get it off, but he has learned how to flip the nose piece up LOL

  5. Cedar View: I got it to work. Cuuuute pony!