Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Placement - TOTD

Okay friends, I know you can see my links on the right sidebar of the blog, but today I must redraw your attention to one of my favs: Tack of the Day.

Tack of the Day is a weird little site that posts a new Equine related item (and a bonus item) every weekday at noon. It's usually things like closeouts, overstocks, and sometimes I swear it's beta tests, but I've always been happy with what I've gotten, including my awesome Mountain Horse Inferno Jacket that I wear in the winter.

Today the main item is a type of Wellies for less than $35 with shipping... I may or may not have used Junior's account and ordered a pair in brown for myself....

Enjoy! Happy Shopping!!!

1 comment:

  1. CURSES!!

    I just got a pair of rain boots at the Bass Pro Shops store because I wasn't about to pay more than $60 for a pair of rain boots. And now the ones I really wanted are on sale for LESS than I paid at BPS! GRR!

    I'll have to add TOTD to my list of daily site visits.

    For now, I must go cry...