Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Tack-Box-To-Be" Part II

Since I've been sofa-bound since Friday afternoon due to a small surgical foot procedure, I had a spare few moments to make some decisions on my future tack storage. I've nailed down the following:
  • Outside Dimensions: 30" wide x 36" deep x 58" high (not counting casters)
  • Single Door will be 5" deep
  • Storage areas are a combination of plywood compartments and pre-made storage from Container Store
  • Interior of the Box showing the saddle area and lower storage spaces that will fit specific Elfa baskets:
  • Interior of the Door with space on left for bridles and space on right for this:

I calculated the estimate for lumber (using the nicer "hardwood" ply) and other materials (not counting stain/paint/varnish or labor) and it ends up being a tad less that $300. A figure to which my dear Mother gave a dramatic intake of breath. Sure, that sounds like a lot, until you try to find ANYTHING comparable. There is only one ready-made thing I've found that will house ONE western saddle (see, if I only rode English this would be less of a problem) and it costs a modest $728.95 from our friends at Smart Pak.

Max's girls have the English version (holds 2 English saddles) and it is nice, but since I have to be difficult and need two saddles, one being a western saddle that takes 38" x 30" x 25" all by itself, I need something else. I did find a site that offers one of Elite Tack's designs finished for $699. Hopefully I can do better than that and either have a piece that I can keep with me for many years to come or sell to someone else when I no longer need it. I already know that some barns won't need/allow them, and some will. Who knows how many more places Junior and I will find ourselves?

Next step is to get an estimate from my carpenter on how much he's going to charge me, then we'll need to get the lumber and decide on a finish. I'm leaning towards stain and varnish rather than paint at this point, and since it's a single door I'm looking at either painting my logo on the front or having it printed onto a vinyl decal. BUT, customizing it that much may make it more difficult to sell so I haven't made that decision yet.

I'll keep you posted as always.

Now I'm going to find some lunch and see if I can hobble out to the barn. That poor pony's been in jail all weekend with me laid up and KAT at a show on Friday. I'm a terrible mother. But soon he'll have 7-day turnout! SOOOO very soon!

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