Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dressage is HARD!

Today was another lesson day with Monet Phelps. I didn't ride today, but Max's girl, Sarah, rode Junior so her sister, Chloe could ride Max for her first lesson with Monet. It was cool to watch him go through the whole lesson. I REALLY like Monet and look forward to our next lesson. She's a very honest teacher. She'll push you to work hard but she makes it fun. She explains things really clearly and is quick to reward good work.

Junior's face still looks excellent and I rode him yesterday to remind him what contact feels like. Monet said he she could feel his back working more than last time but that he's still weak in the hip. She was highly complimentary about him again and said she'd like to turn him into an Eventing pony.... I laughed, but she was serious... we'll see about that! I kind of feel like I'm simply too lazy not athletic enough for real dressage. :)

Here's just some pictures from the day:

This is my Barn Owner on Ranger. BIG stride for such a little guy!

Sarah on Junior with Monet using the lunge line as a torture device teaching tool. :)

Monet on Junior. Hopefully his cute frame will distract you from her Uggs.
This is Monet's dog, Jack watching her ride Gunner.
Poor Red was given the role of Dress-Up-Pony for the kid's Halloween party.
He's such a tolerant little fella!
Chloe on Max, participating in one of Monet's humiliation tactics bizarre but effective teaching techniques. We all sat and watched each other's lessons and enjoyed laughing at everyone's funny exercises and cheering when they got good results.

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  1. I love the attention to detail in dressage. I am never bored. Looks like you all have as much fun in your clinics as we do in ours.