Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

It's Halloween today. Halloween is somewhat of bittersweet holiday for me. Why? Because I'm a costume designer. It's what I do for a living. So as much as I LOVE the idea of dressing up and dressing my horse up and showing off my skills.... do you really want to WORK when you get home from work? Do accountants go home and balance their checkbooks for fun?

I have LOTS of ideas for costumes, but really I have no place to wear them. I also would be ashamed to do any costume half-assed so if I'd do it I'd have to do it up right and I just don't have the money and don't want to spend the time. But that's enough of my lame excuses. On to the fun.

I once made 5 different costumes so that people would come to my Halloween party even though they said they didn't have a costume. It was a fun party, but I was very tired. Anyway, here are some fun pictures of horses in costumes and a few inspirations I have for future costumes... Enjoy!

This sheep costume is my favorite EVER. I have no idea who this kid is, she RULES.

War Horse! Okay, so they are more puppets than costumes but they are SOOOOOO wicked cool. Check it out if you've not seen this yet!

And speaking of Harry Potter.....
Sorry, couldn't help it. :)

And how about some of these ideas! My BO has a white (yes I know he's grey) gelding, wouldn't he look adorable with a rainbow mane and tail and her kids dressed up as Rainbow Bright and two Sprites!!??
For only the most daring of us...... there's always Lady Godiva. I'd do it, but it's rather chilly in October...

Okay, so this isn't a horse's costume, but how adorable is that!!!
SheRa! Princess of Power! You could totally use THIS as a base! LOL!!!


  1. That sheep is my favorite!

    I didn't know you did costume design. Sounds fun, but I know what you mean - making costumes in your off time would be WORK!

  2. That sheep is a GREAT costume!! Wow! LOVED SheRa as a kid!!!
    How fun to be a costume younger sister does that too

  3. That sheep costume is genius! love it!! Although the beagle with the jockey cracked me up. I so need one of those for my dog next year!

    Very cool that you are a costume designer - I was I had some creative talent of some sort!!!