Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Healin' Up.

Photo courtesy of Chloe.

Junior seems to be healing up just fine. He was put back into regular turnout on Thursday and by Sunday was acting like his sweet old self. He let me touch the wound and gently brush most of the rest of the blood/saline/betadine off the rest of his face so he just has the big silver spot now.

I had a houseful of guests for a long weekend so there wasn't anything to post about. I took they family (same group that visited 18 months ago) to the barn and we walked the trails and said Hi to all the horses.

On Sunday my Mom and I were abandoned by the other three so we dried our tears with a visit to the QH Congress. Mom had never been so it was great fun. We only went to a few of the trade show booths: Rod's, Chicks, and Schneiders and then walked through a few aisles to see Berry Fit, and Connie's Customs. I got some new grooming tools for his lesson-horse bucket, and a (finally) a black rope halter. We shared a huge wonderful burger and a heaping plate of "ribbon fries" and watched most of the very last class of the Congress, Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation, including the finals. I still don't understand why making them walk so slow they look like they're falling asleep is such a trend. For English? Pointless. POINTLESS. If I don't actually want to GO anywhere we'll just STOP, thank you.


  1. Sounds like fun, and that wound looks good. I don't get the show, shuffling gaits either - I call the pleasure trot you see sometimes the zombie shuffle.

  2. I have a hard time watching Quarter Horse Hunt seat classes, it's rather painful to watch. That slooooowwww movement and the loose, flapping reins.
    Glad to hear Junior's healing up well.

  3. I am SO glad he's healing without any issues! How long until the stitches come out?

    One of these days I must get back to Congress... at least for the shopping! :)

  4. Gosh! I stay away from the blogs for a few days and come back and find your horse hurt!! I hate when mine get hurt :(

    At least it was an inverted triangle so that it would drain if it needed to! my stallion got a right side up triangle that was a 6 inch cut... that was horrid.

    I use to have a horse named Junebug! haha I just noticed that was the password. It's good your taking pictures of it though! I wish I would have taken pictures of injuries more often. I only have the ones from where my horse got rectal cancer! ick. Here. It's all the links in the middle so people wouldn't get grossed out! haha

    hope he gets better soon!!

  5. ok.. messed the link up! haha


  6. Oh dear, sorry about Junior's wound. Glad he is healing.

  7. @in2paints: I have to make the appointment yet, but he can get them out Tuesday. :)

    @The View: I never really liked the name Junior, but didn't want to change it officially. After a while I started calling him all sorts of things and Junebug seems to suit him for some odd reason. I call him BugBug a lot, too. His official barn name is still Junior, but at the Cowboy Challenge I used "Glacier's Junebug" instead of his APHA name. :)

  8. Junior! Ugh, I hate those phone calls from the barn! I'm really glad that he is doing better.