Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dust Bath

It was 68 degrees today and we had a nice ride through the woods with NOT ONE SPOOK! He's getting better all the time. Still doesn't want to stop and stand for more than a few seconds so we're still working on that, but I'm surprised that he's less snorty and less tense than he used to be. Then we did a little gallop through the empty bean field. Yes an actual gallop. It was FUN! Still have visions of him tripping and falling, but still fun. It took him a few crossings of canter before he got into the gallop, but once he figured out what I wanted we got a nice gallop.

You know that icky grime horses get over the winter when it's been too cold to bathe but you work them hard enough to get a bit of a sweat once in a while? He got sweaty under the saddle pad and all I could think of was that winter grime and how one less layer of sweat would help. So I hosed him off, scraped him off, gave him an apple in his feed pan and let him hand graze in the lawn for a while before letting him back out to the field. Much to my displeasure, he thanked me for the hosing by rolling in the dustiest dust you've ever seen. Rolled thoroughly on both sides. It took me the whole first side to get my phone out an onto the camera setting. That'll be fun to clean off later, but dirt is still better than sweat. :)


  1. That look he gave you at 0:12 is priceless!

  2. I also love the look he gave you when he was done! LOL Then he walked close to the fence so you could get a good look before going about his day. :)

    Too funny!