Sunday, March 15, 2009


Q: How many FULL muck tubs does it take to get to the bottom of a stall?
A: One, two, THIRTY NINE.

Supposedly the stalls are "stripped" twice a week..... oh really? So it only takes a few days to have 6" of solid rotting shavings in 50% of a 14'x14' stall? And that's AFTER I raked the dry stuff off the top. The drainage in these stalls really sucks and it seems that the stall cleaner is not taking enough of the wet out, just the turds. I last stripped it in November and there was about 3" that time. I could have taken another 3 or 4 out but I was trying to save any dry bedding.

Thankfully I had help. Max's mom was there and bless her heart volunteered to help me with the first 32 tubs. She dumped many of them by herself. I would not have been able to do all of that by myself. I had awoken with a twinge in my left shoulder blade but put a thermacare wrap on and took some anti-inflammatory. When I got home I took a hot shower and a muscle relaxer and at some dinner. I went to bed at 8:30pm and got up at 8:30am and I am VERY sore today. It's difficult to move around and I'm in constant discomfort. This is not new for me. I have lots of back issues. I think the combination of braiding his mane for a long time AND the stall work really were too much for two days. It hurts if I breathe in deeply. :( So I'm taking it easy today and am not planning to go to the barn. if Max's mom turns Max out she'll put Jr. out too. They were out for several hours while we cleaned.

What sucks is that I pay for Full-Care board and I don't think having to shovel 6" of compacted wet rotting manure myself is Full Care. No wonder the boy has Thrush! Even the Client Handbook says they will only keep 3.5" to 4" of bedding in the stalls.

I'm scheduled for a lesson tomorrow but if I feel like this there's no way I can do it. Then I'm gone Tuesday-Saturday. This conference will suck if my back doesn't fix itself.


  1. Are you going to say anything to the barn owner?

  2. That is terrible!!!! I would have to say something but it is very hard isn't it! You don't want to upset the barn people as they look after your beautiful pony for you but on the other hand they need to do it properly!!!!

  3. I talked to KAT about last week Wednesday or Thursday. She has already spoken to the facility manager and supposedly they talked to the cleaner on Friday. I've got pictures if they need them. I also learned that the stall cleaners are only compensated with free housing/utilities and the turn-over rate is fairly high.

    If KAT moved to another barn I'd be right behind her. She is really the only thing that keeps me there. And no, if I went somewhere else I couldn't take her with me. She is far too busy with lessons at this barn to take time to travel to another facility just to give me lessons.

  4. BUT if she is sitting on your horse too, it might be worth it for her, especially if it is close. I travel for clients and my trainer travels for me, for just me and I am an hour drive one way for her. Of course it costs me... $75 for a 45 minutes lesson. So we only do them twice a month...but it is definately worth it to be somewhere I am happy.