Sunday, March 1, 2009

Falling Down on the Job

It seems I need to take it easy until Jr's feet get done on Wednesday. Yesterday (Saturday) when I asked him for the first lope he tripped and fell all the way to his knees. He got back up again just as I was contemplating bailing out and was pleasantly surprised that my balance was good enough to stay balanced through the whole ordeal. I did put my hands straight out onto his neck when he first went forward. It happened very quickly and he fell straight forward. I walked him for a while and he didn't seem to be bothered by it. Once my heart rate went back down I put him back to work and even did some canter work after all. I felt very brave asking him for the lope but I was confident that he was not going to fall again. I think it was a combination of his feet AND there was a horse lunging that Jr is always a bit interested in. This one's a big bay QH named Charlie from the other barn. We were facing Charlie and her guy when I asked for the lope. His feet do not LOOK like they need to be trimmed, but he get's very clumsy when it's time. I need to decide on a schedule for him and just have him done regularly instead of waiting until he gets this way. This will only be his third trim, so I'm learning.

Other than the near-fall he rode pretty well. His lope is steadily improving and I loped one-handed! I've figured out that MOST of what I've been telling him to do with the reins can be accomplished with my legs. I can get him to pick up his inside shoulder with my inside leg. He does tend to speed up when I do that, but I can pick up my rein hand at the same time and he keeps pace better.

When we got back into the barn I noticed his knees were dirty and that's how I know he got down to both knees. I wonder if he'll be sore today. I think I'll just lunge him today and let him stretch out. I should be able to get to the barn tomorrow, Monday, AND Tuesday so that he's in good condition for our Wednesday lesson.

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  1. I've had horses fall to their knees with me, it is really scary. Good for you for handling it so well!

    Ellie and Werther Blog