Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today marks 6 months that Junior has been my boy.

Yesterday he got turned out with his buddy Max for 4 hours and he was in heaven. Max's mom turned them out at about 1:30pm. When I got there about 4:00 I got the whole play-by-play of him running circles around Max and then seeing how close he could graze next to Max before Max got annoyed. The proper distance is 3 feet. Max does not participate in Junior's shenanigans. He grazes - period. But Junior tries to get him to play. THEN they let a little red mare named Zippy out with the boys and it seems Junior is in love. That boy has a thing for redheads. Those two ran around and played and spent several minutes with their noses together telling secrets.

I spent my time cleaning his stall and wishing I had gotten there earlier so I could have stripped it, but the manure wagon was FULL so I'll have to wait for another day.
When we finally brought the boys in at 5:30 (Zippy had been brought in earlier by the girl that leases her) Junior was more relaxed than I've seen him in ages. I gave him a quick brushing, picked his feet, soaked his tail in Vetrolin Shine (Max's Mom SWEARS it makes it grow and be strong and if Max's tail is proof I believe it.) took his halter off and let him get to his feed. I planned to ride but I had tickets to a show at 8pm and still needed to get home, shower, eat dinner and get to the show on time and that's just not enough time. I thought he deserved an easy happy day. If his demeanor is any indication of how he's going to be when he gets more play time it will be WELL worth the money for turn out. He did have one battle scar that I can only assume was from rolling? Just a half-dollar sized skinned section of the point of his stifle on his right side. It appeared only a flesh wound so I put some goop on it. It didn't seem sore and he was walking fine.

Until next time, enjoy the love story of Junior and Zippy:

Notice he's the only one running in that one?


  1. Ah! He looks so happy. You are such a good Mom!

  2. Thanks! He starts his 5-day-a-week turn out tomorrow and he'll be turned out in a small group with both Max and Zippy!

  3. looks like he had fun running around! Glad you are able to get him on turnout. I still find it interesting that you have to pay extra for turnout...!

  4. Hi. I have read your blog some, but never commented before. You sure have a cute horse. I love seeing horses get silly and play with each other.

    I have had real problems getting a place to board with daily turnout. It kills me because there is a lot of open land around here, but people don't seem to want to deal with turnout.

    I will keep reading your blog; I like hearing about everyday horse problems and solutions. I am kind of a green owner, so I need other people's ideas!