Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here are a few pics of Jr's (dirty) feet. Taken today, March 1. His last trim was December 12. He's scheduled for a trim in 3 days.
Front feet from the front:

Left front from the left:

Back feet:

His front feet don't seem to have the same size footprint, do they? Other than that I don't think they look super over-grown, do you? I'll take pictures again on Wednesday night after they are trimmed.

The wind was bitter cold today but I let him out in one of the big pastures. Chance was in the adjacent pasture. Jr. didn't do much so I went in the barn to warm up. I came out and caught the two of them running around their pastures. When he does this I like to say "Dude, your TB is showing." Maybe that's only funny to me. Of course then he found the muddiest spot and rolled in it. I wish I'd had my camera out faster because he spun around like a dog before he dropped to roll. I'll be spending tomorrow evening brushing that off.

After the mud, (but after I scraped his feet off) while trying (and eventually succeeding) to open my tackbox:

And here he is trying to eat Princess Skittles, the cat:

He's a funny guy.

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  1. He's such a cutie,I enjoy the pics,miss having my own horse,even though the shedding season is coming,I wouldn't mind!!!! That's love!