Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Saddle #2!

The Ebay gods were on my side today and I won an auction at the last minute for a Toulouse Celine 17 Close Contact saddle. According to the seller it has about 10 rides on it and the pictures make it look pristine. I find these online for $799 new and I paid $440.52 with free shipping. I could get it as early as Friday if she gets it shipped tomorrow, but maybe not until Monday if they don't deliver on Saturdays. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

I rode today but his feet are so bad I didn't do much. I did lope a little bit both directions, but the footing wasn't great and with his feet the way they are I didn't want to push it. He was a jerk on the ground both before and after the ride and he switched a LOT during lunging. He kept grabbing my jacket! Actually biting it! I got REALLY frustrated with him. He didn't want to stand in the aisle, but he had food in his stall so I didn't want to take him in there either. Then he took a bite out of my tack box because I had it latched so he couldn't get it open. Now there's a big scrape on the seat of the bench. Not that I expected the box to remain flawless, it's just soft pine after all, but I didn't want a BIG TOOTH MARK on it either! Argh! Jerk! I'm sure it's my fault because I let him sit since Saturday and I only turned him out that day. I'm starting to reconsider paying for turnout. He might need it. Maybe he'd stop being such a jerk. I actually think the biting is getting worse. I'm glad I've been wearing thick winter coats, what's it going to be like when it's summer and I'm wearing a tank top!?!?! This has got to stop. But I don't know what to do.

The nice part is that I am NOT afraid of him. Even when he was rearing in the turnout on Saturday and being a real pain, I didn't think I wasn't in control. This is a good thing. I don't know what do do about the biting, though.



  2. I wish you hadn't been anonymous with that comment. You should never hide from giving good advice.

  3. I have a horse that for most of his life lived in a show barn and didn't see turn out. Now he is out to pasture with some buddies and he is a much happier horse. It's good for their minds.

  4. Yes,sounds like he would really enjoy more turn out! Wow,you have to pay extra for them to turn your critter out? I've never boarded at a place where they didn't turn the horses out. I've heard of paying extra for blanketing and removal of blankies,but not turn out,huh! Well there I'm learning things too!