Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better Day - Pre Show Update

Though Lany's passing is weighing heavily on my mind, yesterday and this morning have gone rather smoothly. The memories flood in and I lose my composure a little too often. I've only told KAT, thinking it best that the barn mates don't worry about me. They're all so nice I think they would dote on me more than I can tolerate if they knew of my grief. I am very grateful for them nonetheless. Plus I can't talk about it without losing composure so I'll just refrain. Of course this weekend contains a million reminders of Lany. The smell of the bags of shavings in my car took me to the county fair where it would drive Lany nuts not being able to help me (4-H rules prohibit professional trainers at shows) and she would make damn sure the English classes got as much recognition as the western, even if I was the only one in the division. Seeing ribby horses with stained tails, rain scald and chipped feet remind me of how she used to get so mad when horses like that would be at shows. Makes me mad, too, but there are horses a lot worse off out there and I'm not the judge and jury. I'll keep to myself, thankful my baby looks pretty awesome, despite his face clip...

We loaded in to the fairgrounds yesterday afternoon. It was pouring down rain and we even had to spend a few minutes in the "tornado shelter" while the sirens were going off. Junior arrived around 7pm or so (can't really remember) in the first trailer load. I was told KAT had to put a chain over his nose which made me a little uneasy that he might be a handful, but he unloaded perfectly calmly and led into the barn (in the rain) quietly and into his stall. He was very interested in what was going on, but he wasn't upset. He did roll right away in his beautifully clean bedding and quickly realized that these stalls are MUCH smaller than the giant ones at home by slamming his hooves on one of the walls. I put him next to Max but Max came in a later trailer load (our barn has 16 horses at this show...and a 6 horse trailer) so Jr. was all alone at first. He loved that he could see through the bars of all the stalls so he was content to watch things happen around him. I took him out to the arena and lunged him around 9pm. I put the chain over his nose just as a precaution but he was VERY good. He was a little snorty and didn't like the corners of the arena so he raced past them, but he quickly got over it. He listened VERY well to my commands, even better than he did at home the last time I lunged. The only thing was when Howie (old school horse) left the arena Jr. started calling over and over. He was still obeying me, but he was calling and calling. I lunged him again this morning and he was the same, but not as loud. Snorty in one corner so I let him stop and investigate. The announcer tested the system and Junior certainly noticed, but didn't react poorly. I wished he had continued talking but he just did a "test, test" and stopped. There is a HUGE difference in how he behaves for me now than when I brought him home in September. He is listening and trusting me instead of ignoring me. This is all very encouraging for the show tomorrow. The plan for tonight (I'm home right now ironing and doing laundry, then a much needed nap) is to lunge him, then have KAT ride him. It will be encouraging for me to see him behave for her and if he's being naughty it'll be better for all involved if my nervousness isn't worsening the situation. After KAT rides him I'll get on and we'll see how it goes. It's been fun so far. I'm jealous of the kids with show moms, though. I'd sure like someone to clean my boots and tack my horse for me. Oh well, I had my kid years, now it's grown-up time.

I'm sure I'll have a lot to report after tomorrow! Now to that nap...


  1. So sorry to hear about you old trainer, that is so hard. Good luck at your show, I just sent in my entries for my first show with Werther, I can't wait!

    Ellie and Werther Blog

  2. Bring on tomorrow!!!!!! I can't wait to hear how you and Jr go! Good Luck and have fun!!!!!!! :)