Friday, May 8, 2009

Week in Review

Sunday: Show
Monday: off
Tuesday: Lesson...

Chatted with KAT before my western lesson on Tuesday about what I observed during her rides on Junior at the show. Watching how she rode and then feeling how different he was for me right after she rode made me realize that I need to be more consistent and ride him with more expectations. SO I started the lesson asking for softness at the poll, asking him to bend and counter bend and also using my spurs to remind him to round his back and take his weight off his forehand. THEN when he's keeping consistent frame and is moving smoothly and bending as I ask him to, I encourage him to relax his neck but keep the body working. He was very good for the whole lesson. He's still doing a little of that head tossing that he did at the show, but it's right after I reprimand him that I get the smoothest lope with the best frame. I'm getting better with my hands, too. I tend to react too fast and bump the curb, but I'm getting better and taking up the slack slowly and then vibrating the pressure until he gives. This is one reason I do not feel ready to put a ported bit in his mouth. Just like I waited for "real" spurs until I thought my legs would stay quiet.

Wednesday: off
Thursday: Ride...

I started our ride the same way as Tuesday and he was really good. I was able to finish off with one-handed work at all gaits in both directions. He had three stumbles and all three can be blamed on him not being in balance. The first one was when I asked him from the jog to a halt (by a verbal whoa and seat, not by reins) and he tripped to a stop. Once was coming down from a lope and once was at the jog.

I just wish he'd ride like that at a show....

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