Monday, May 18, 2009

Pony Rides

My mom, sister, cousin, and aunt flew in from Minnesota for the weekend. We played lots of cards, ate too much, and drank margaritas, but on Sunday we went out to the barn so I could show off my boy. My sister has been allergic to horses since she was 16. When she was younger she had friends with horses and rode a lot, but one day her boyfriend took her for a ride on his dad's horse, Rambo, and she wasn't able to breathe. SO, we took lots of precautions. She is, of course, on medication, but with as severe of an allergy she has, we needed to do more. First I needed to uber-clean my apartment and my car to try to eliminate the allergens....and cleaning my car upholstery was WAYYY overdue, so it was a good excuse. It really takes months to get ride of allergens but I'm sure it helped a little. At the barn she wore a bandanna to eliminate some of the airborne dust and allergens, she didn't touch anything in the barn and I quickly got Jr. clean, tacked up, and outside. I lunged him in the indoor first (he hadn't been out since Thursday due to rain) and then rode a little so Mom could see the difference in him since her trip out in November. Other than my mom who showed QH in the 60's, none of my family are really horse savvy so I didn't want to bore them by riding around in circles, I just did enough to show mom how good he is now. Then we took some pictures outside and then took him over to the outdoor. I convinced my mom to get on him, and yes, everyone mounted had to wear my helmet. I kept him on the lunge line just as a safety measure and so Mom didn't have to steer. I wanted her to feel how nice his jog has become so we did that and she looked nice and balanced so we asked him for a little lope, too! He was really good! Then I led my cousin around on him a little...she was not interested in going any faster...and she remarked how much core strength it took, just at the walk. She does a lot of Pilates. Then my sister, clad in her bandit mask, wanted to get on! I led her around and I had to ask her three times if she was ready to stop! We are all sad that she is so allergic as I know she really loved to ride as a kid. The TOG came when we were tacking up (they were just unlocking the front fields when we drove in) to let Junior out so he said if I wanted to put him out in the field after the ride he'd come and put him in before evening feeding. I un-tacked him and let him out. I tried to encourage him to run around since he's so pretty when he runs, but he wanted none of that. ALL of his turn out buddies were at the All American Youth Show all weekend so the barn was empty (16 horses gone to the show) and there were no other horses out.

I was very proud of him. Not that I expected any less, but I get worked up worrying about things so it's nice to see that he took the pony rides in stride and was not bothered by the novice on his back asking him to slow his jog and to lope. His attitude is SOOOO much better than it was over the winter. I know I keep saying that, but the difference is just so incredible and it makes me love him even more.

My sister and me with the sign we made for my niece and nephew.

Mom, jogging.... and Junior with the end of the lungeline in his mouth...see I didn't really need it...

My sister in her bandit mask...and Junior trying to eat the line...

Mom and me getting my cousin ready to be led around....and Junior being very patient and adorable.

The weather says it's going to be a week of high 70's and low 80's so it's finally SUMMER!!!! I will be spending lots of time at the barn! Have a great week!


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  2. Glad to see Junior is riding so well for you. You've worked so hard and it's obviously paying off.

    I also glad you enjoyed the weekend with the fam. Bonding time is important.

  3. He's looking good, what a handsome boy! That is too bad about your sister's allergy. I met someone w/a horse allergy this weekend. I can't imagine, if you loved horses, or developed one late in life! I'm glad your sister was able to ride, I bet it made her day!
    p.s. the cards, food, and margaritas sounds like my family, LOL!

  4. Don't you love it when they are on their best behaviour for visitors!!!I hope you gave JR lots of treats!!!!!

  5. I just found your blog - your horse is beautiful! It looks like your whole family was having a great time - Junior was clearly so excellent for them!