Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New considerations for Turn Out.

We have a bit of a sunburn. And by "we" I mean Junior. He was out a good long time in the sun yesterday and was a bit pink around the muzzle/face when I got to my lesson last night. He did not really look BURNED, just a bit pinker than he did on Monday. I checked and the UV index was only 2 today so I didn't request that he be kept in. It's going to be yucky for the rest of the week and I wanted him to have some TO time before it rains this afternoon, and Thursday, and Friday....

How do I plan to prevent this in the future? Two ways. I will be taking some human sunscreen to the barn on Friday when I go out. I will read labels and fine face-safe kind with a long staying power. I will apply the sunscreen daily or as often as I go out to the barn. I will not expect/depend on the TOG to put it on for me.

I also purchased a fly mask recently..

Unfortunately they were out of the tasteful black/tan so I had to get the blue/white plaid. I tried it on him and he looked embarrassed.
Once I myself get a chance to turn him out in it to see how he deals with it, I will ask the TOG to put it on him before turn-out. I'm just nervous to do that if he starts to try to get it off. I do wonder how safe it is for turn out? I'd rather put it on loosely so it'll pull off if he gets into trouble and have to go retrieve it from the pasture than let him get hung up. He's turned out in a single-ply leather halter. Have any of you had bad experiences with fly masks? I've not used them much, but between Junior's bald face, shaved ears, and eye cyst, I feel it's the best thing to do. Have I mentioned the cyst yet? I don't believe I have. More on that another day. Nothing to be alarmed about.

Lesson was pretty good. Did a few gorgeous pivots, did a few that were complete fails. Must figure out what I do differently...

If any of you have advice, cautionary tales, or other gems about sunburn or flymasks, or anything else I post about, please feel free to share!

Happy Hump Day.


  1. I had a Paint mare a few years ago with a very white nose that always sunburned in the summer. My vet recommended feeding her just a pinch of powdered zinc with her feed every day and that seemed to do the trick. She never burned her nose again. I did the whole sunscreen thing and it worked when I could get it on there but she hated it and it was a greasy mess. You might check with your vet and see what they say. It was pretty cheap too, like five bucks for ziplock baggie full. I hope you are able to figure out something that works for you, those sunburned noses are not fun.

  2. I like to put Desitin on my johnnie's nose about every 3 days in high hot sun summer. It's soothing and has more zinc oxide than products marketed as 'zinc oxide'. Very effective to prevent sunburn on a white snozzle.

  3. I use kid's sunscreen on my horse's nose and that has always seemed to work well enough. He likes to lick it off of his nose though which as he is very mouthy also it seems like Junior might do too? No adverse affects from that so far though ;)

    I also have a fly mask similar to yours but Gatsby's is pink plaid (hahahah!) He is pretty ashamed of it too but at least I KNOW no one else will try to 'borrow' it. It did get lost for a while last summer after his pasture mates helped undress him but I don't imagine he would be able to get into any trouble in it. The best spot to check when they're lost seems to be the hay feeder in my experience.. But last summer I found mine a little bit chewed allll the way across the property (and the property is a substantial size!). I still have no idea if it blew there or just passed it's way from pen to pen as a toy.

  4. I own a paint mare and used to have problems with sunburn as well. I use a fly spray called Endure which has sunscreens in it. There is something in the spray that makes it last for a few days even if it rains or if your horse sweats. I swear by this stuff!!

  5. Sam has a fly mask put on everyday. He lives out 24/7 and we have never had a problem. I hve always used flyveils on my horses during the day when turned out and I have never had a horse hooked up or damaged because of them. JR will be fine!!!!!!!! :)

  6. I use both sunscreen and a fly mask on my boy and he's been just fine.