Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nice little ride.

Not sure what made this happen, but Junior was really awesome today. He sort of ran away from me in the field, but he was running WITH Zippy and it seemed like they were back to being BFF. He did let me catch him after not too much, though. I decided to take it easy and just ride around the farm instead of doing a real schooling session, but changed my mind when I got near the outdoor and decided to ride just a little in there. He was ON. He went right to work and did everything I asked. His turns (even when we cut the arena to avoid the really packed part) were nice and he kept his body in alignment. His lope was so good I only did one lap each lead. His jog was super slow and soft and he didn't stumble ONCE so I know he was using his body correctly, not just dragging like some horses do at the jog. The footing was pretty bad because I guess there was a wedding at the farm yesterday (somehow I managed to leave before it started I guess) and they had used part of the arena as a parking lot..... and then didn't drag it yet.... They're not the most proactive about dragging....

Anyway, he was so good in our short little session that I just praised him and let him walk towards the gate. He was very interested in a baby that was turned out with it's mare. Both of them came over to the fence but I didn't let Junior get that close. Then we went all the way around the farm, jogged a little in the field and even cantered a little down the fenceline. He did a little spook sideways along the fencline along the road (fence between us and road) but I didn't lose my seat at all and I just pointed him right back to the fence. I don't know what caused it. Maybe the car jus seemed a little too fast or something. Who knows. Didn't really phase us.

Tomorrow I'm taking his winter and mid-weight blankets to the landromat so I can get them clean and put away. I'll store the winter one at home in my spare closet and keep the mid-weight at the barn for a month...just in case....god forbid I actually need it!

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