Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dog Days of July

Hello Dear Readers! Contrary to all of your fears, everything is fine here in the world of the Silly Pony and the Serious Girl. Thanks to RiderWriter for pointing out how long it had been since I posted. Ooops! Time sure flies when you're on vacation!

I had meant to post before I headed home to MN/WI for the month of July but it was a rather busy week tying up loose ends, packing for a month and entertaining my dear mother while she visited. She so kindly volunteered to fly out to Ohio to spend a week and then accompany me on the long drive to that glorious land where Wisconsin kisses Minnesota with dual blue bridges. And by glorious I mean it's hot and humid and the heat index has been over 110. Gross. But I am NOT complaining because I NEVER complain of heat. Only of cold.

The day before the journey Mom and I took in the Columbus Zoo and I FINALLY got an upclose look at the Okapi. They are totally my favorite exotic animal. It's like there were only mismatched parts left over when the Okapi came to be. Part Zebra, part Gazelle, part Giraffe. And prettiest softest looking brown fur I've ever seen. No idea what they really feel like.

Then we took Junior and Max on a little trail ride around the property. As you might remember, Mom had horses when she was a teenager and she still enjoys a ride every time she visits. This is the first time we've been able to ride together on 2 horses in years and years. Max is an awesome trail horse. Junior continues to be annoyed by trees, but he gets better every time and I get better keeping him on task. I got some nasty head tossing when we had to stop and wait for everyone to cross the creeks, the kind that tosses a rein up between the ears. Stinker.

Reports of Junior continue to be great. He has managed to stay hive-free so between the new fly sheet and the Smart BugOff something is working. Monet rode him on Saturday and Max's Chloe took some nice pictures of the ride.

Oooh! Dressage Pony!!!

If Monet had her way we'd be Eventing.... ha!
Happy Sweaty Mohawk Boy

I'm here until the end of the month then I'm home for a short respite and then it's back to the grindstone getting ready for the new school year and the challenges of a new curriculum, a new colleague, new students, and a LOT of shows to design. It will be a busy year!

I'm also woefully behind on my blog reading. I've been skimming but haven't had much time to really read. I'll catch up eventually.

See you all in August!!!