Sunday, February 22, 2015

Guess Who?!?!?

Guess who this lil' baby is?

I'll confirm your suspicions in my next post.

Friday, February 13, 2015

WTFriday. Nope.

This is a more serious installment of my WTF or "What The Friday." I usually make a funny, point out a wacky product or otherwise guffaw-worthy horsey related visual.

This one's a little different.  But I had to vent about what I saw on my local Craigslist this week.  This really isn't like me, but this one made me sad and angry.

I suppose this is my homage to Friday the 13th.

I have eliminated the face of the rider because she's under 18.  Her MOM posted it on the internet.... I'm uncomfortable showing you something that a parent thought was okay to post on the internet. Maybe I'm being too judgy but...

Here is the ad, copied and pasted:

"I'm looking for a horse for my 17 year old daughter she is not a beginner rider and has been riding for around 6 years now. We're looking for a young horse all around for show including pleasure, contesting, and for fun that is road safe and has no bad vices. If you could contact me at
that would be great just ask for XXXXXX our price range is under 1000 because we're not looking to compete just to start off showing for the first time. The best time to contact me is in between 10 and 1 pm on weekdays or after 5 an anytime on the weekends thanks:)"

Where do I begin?  Let's go straight past the fact that they're asking for  a
"young all around" that is versatile enough to do pleasure and contesting for under 1K, because I have my doubts that that exists, at least not one that is "road safe" and is miraculously vice free.  Might as well be out Unicorn shopping.

Let's also go straight past the safety feature of riding without shoes or a helmet when cantering a horse BAREBACK in a field.  Because hey, if you want to let your 17 year old daughter do that, that's your business... except that nearly every respectable equestrian organization requires helmets for riders under 18. But what do they know?

Now let's look at the real issue.  LOOK AT THE POOR HORSE. Shank Bit.  Noseband. Reins are completely tight, the bit and curb are as engaged as possible. No wonder the horse's neck is inverted and his nostrils and lips are clearly unhappy.  The rider is actually SMILING in the photo, so she thinks everything is just peachy. Knowing that that is a leverage bit makes me cringe.  I thought perhaps maybe we might get lucky and that there wasn't a curb strap, but with the reins that tight the angle of the shank proves it's got a proper strap.  And there a noseband which gives that horse ZERO option for a release of pressure. NOTHING that horse can do will ease the pain she's causing.  Can the horse handle it?  He's probably so hopped up on endorphins he can handle it, but why WHY would you do that!?!?!

So the answer is NO.  I am NOT going to put ANY horse in the hands of your "not a beginner rider" until she understands just what she's doing to that horse's mouth.  If you cannot balance on a horse without using the reins you should not be riding bareback.  And if she's lacking in this foundational training of DON'T DO STUFF THAT HURTS THE HORSE, then there are a few other lessons she needs to learn. 

Ugh.  Rant over.   Am I being too judgy?   Discuss.

    Sunday, February 1, 2015

    Giveaway! Love your Pony!

    Hi Friends!

    It's been ages since I've done a giveaway!

    I'm having a Valentine's Day Sale and Giveaway on my Buckstitch Becky's facebook page.
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    Thanks for all your support over these last two years!

    Happy Riding!