About the Overanxious Owner

By day I'm a college professor.  I teach costume design in the theatre. By night I'm a cowgirl and an equestrienne.  To bring the two worlds together I design and create my own western horse show clothing and have created pieces for friends and clients. I have an Etsy store where I sell show clothes, custom decals, and some other stuff.

After many years of riding other people's horses I finally reached the time in my life when I could realistically have one my very own and I jumped right in and spent five years learning about horse ownership and training.  Junior was the reason I started this blog, but the blog continues in his memory.

I titled this blog as such due to my high anxiety about many many things.  I tend to worry about everything and create horrible possibly outcomes of the littlest of events.  I call this catastrophizing.  I deal with it.  "Talking" it out helps a lot, especially when other horsey people can tell me I'm being silly, that no, horses very rarely die from whatever it is I'm freaking out about at that particular moment.

I never considered the possibility that I'd find so much enjoyment being part of the equine blogging community.  For a girl who was never surrounded by kindred horsaii spirits, sharing this adventure with others has been a treasure.

Welcome.  I hope you find something interesting here.  Peace.

For more about me and my pre-Junior life, check out "Past Horses and Experiences" in the topics sidebar.

Showing Meadow Sweet "Lark" while in High School
Pipestone, MN