Thursday, January 31, 2013

Decal Giveaway Winners!!!

These two winners have received a FREE decal, AND 50% off their next decal from my Etsy design collection!!!



Cindy D.

And because I love ALL of my readers, ALL those who entered receive 50% OFF their first decal from my Etsy Store!!!!!

Congratulations to A Horse Named Milo, Weaseldancr, Amber Rose, Louisa Valentina, and JustaplainSam!!!

I've included links to the winner's own blogs (those that have them) so check 'em out!

If each of the winners could please email me at overanxioushorseowner at gmail dot com, I'll send you a coupon code for the store. Amy and Cindy D, please also include the details of what you'd like for your free decal.  You can choose from any of the images/colors/fonts on my Etsy store, or since it's free you can choose from the fonts listed on the original Giveaway post, and you don't have to stick with the design you entered with, you're free to choose any!

Remember, y'all have to send me a photo of your decal once you've applied it!

Isn't it great to be a winner!?!?!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Etsy Store is OPEN!!!

I did it!  I opened the store!  Check it out here:  Buckstitch Becky's Customs on Etsy.

The contest is still going until January 30th so don't forget to leave a comment on that post!  You can get there by clicking THIS LINK.

I learned something about fonts during this process.  I hadn't thought about copyright issues with the fonts I was using to create the examples in the contest posting.  I have since done my research and I have 10 fonts that are in the public domain.  I think I've found a good variety.

Those of you who have already entered the contest, there's no need to change your entry.  The winners will get to choose from all of my graphics and available fonts, and since it's a giveaway, you can any of the fonts, even the "personal use only" ones.

Here's one of the 4 new graphics I added to the store:

Cowboy Hat

Now go check out the rest and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Announcement and Giveaway!!!

It's time to let you, my loyal reader, in on some news.  I will soon be opening up at Etsy store!  That in itself isn't terribly exciting, but I'd like to introduce you to some of the items I'll be offering and give you a chance to WIN something!

Introducing Buckstitch Becky's Customs!

The pin-up girl is not a permanent feature on the logo, but she helps set the tone!
In Buckstitch Becky's Etsy store, I plan to offer my show clothing and custom vinyl decals but I also have a few other ideas cooking in my noggin. I've been working on the first round of my graphics: original images created by me. I started playing with these back when I made my tack locker sign, long before I imagined I'd actually own a vinyl cutter!  I will also offer some stock images, such as the horseshoe, but I wanted to be able to offer something unique.  

SMS, Rodeo Font

Here's what you need to do in order to enter the contest before Wednesday, January 30th:

1. Be a "follower" of my blog - Link is on the right hand side if you're not already "one of us."
2. Comment on this post with the following info - there is a list of graphics/fonts/colors at the end of this post:

  • Which GRAPHIC you would like, horse facing LEFT or RIGHT
  • What FONT and what text you would like (Your name, farm name, horse's name, etc.)
  • What COLOR you would like
  • What object (truck, grooming box, etc) you plan to use it on
  • What other graphics you'd like to see me create for my store
3. By entering the contest, you agree to provide me with a digital photograph of the decal (applied to your item) that I can use for marketing purposes, ie you give me permission to use the photo as an example of my product to use in my store, etc. 

TWO lucky readers will receive a free decal (approx. 4"x6" or smaller if the winner prefers), AND a 50% OFF coupon to use on a decal in my Etsy store when it opens!

Another TWO lucky readers will win a 50% OFF coupon to use on a decal in my Etsy store when it opens!

Four of you will win!  May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

Here are some more examples of the graphics and the fonts.  Keep in mind I'm still tweaking the images. For instance, I think I prefer the fine lines on the WP best... the SMS is a bit thick... I might fix that...

HUS, Glacier Font

SMS, Rugged Font
WP, Dark Font
Horseshoe, Rugged Font

HUS, Rodeo Font (This is how your decal will look when you receive it, ready to apply anywhere!)
Let me know if you have questions about the options!  The decals are all custom.  If you can imagine it, I can probably make it!

  • Graphics: HUS, WP, SMS, Horseshoe
  • Fonts: Rodeo, Glacier, Rugged, Dark - I can also do standard Arial and Cooper Black.
  • Colors:  White Outdoor, Silver Outdoor, Chocolate Brown Indoor, Bronze Indoor, Bright Pink Indoor, Silver Indoor.   Outdoor is best for items that will be outdoors or may get wet or dirty, but may damage interior walls or other sufaces. Outdoor is shiny, Indoor is matte. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Accidental New Boots.... and a (somewhat) Related Story

I accidentally got new boots.  How does that happen?  Here's how it went...

I have a plan to change colors for Showmanship to a dark teal.  I have the fabric and I have the ideas for the accent colors.  As all of us who do showmanship know, your boots must be the same color as your pants.  Quite simple for black, white or brown, not so simple for... oh pretty much any other color.

So how to jump over that little hurdle and into Showmanship perfection?

You re-color them, of course!  I've recolored my fair share of shoes for the stage.  I know the process and I know the supplies.  BUT I've not even attempted color matching yet and I have a pretty good idea about how well that'll work out ...  crappy.  I'm crappy at paint mixing.  I do NOT list that on my resume.  So I'm rather hesitant.  Also, a (free) pair of character heels I pull from stock and spray with the closest matching floral spray can (and viewed from 30+ feet and doing choreography) is lower risk than a pair of brand new $150 boots which will be seen up close and holding still.

There is a nice gal over in Pennsylvania who will match your boots to any fabric swatch for the very reasonable price of $60, plus your shipping costs.  If you'd like to paint them yourself and save a little cost, you can send her a swatch and she will also mix up the paint for you for $36.  You can check out her website at

So back to the "Accidental New Boots"... I've been stalking ebay for MONTHS and months looking for a pair of boots as Teal fodder.  I want a square-toe Ariat, size 7 that's either new or not too beat up to still look nice after a shiny paint job, and I don't want to pay more than $75, which is askind a LOT, I know. Though I have found that frequency and persistance and stealth last second bidding can sometimes yield very good results.  My barely used Ariat Crown Pro field boots?  $65 with shipping.  My worn-for-5-days-at-horse-camp Ariat round-toe zip paddocks?  $42 with shipping.  So this 'ain't my first rodeo.

So what did I find?  A BNWOT (Brand New WithOut Tags) pair of the sand and PINK Ariat Showbaby's I had been drooling over since they came out several years ago.  They're the same as my black showbaby's I bought in 2008/9 but they have PINK WINGTIPS. I had really really really wanted these back when they came out, but they were over $100 and certainly didn't NEED them and was convinced someone would make fun of me for them.

BUT they were the size and shape I wanted. They were listed at $50 with free shipping, but they had a "Make Offer" button.  In the 12+ years I've been buying and selling on ebay, I'd never attempted an offer.  BTW, making an offer means you have to buy it if your offer is accepted. I offered $40 because they were brand new, after all.  And they accepted!  So I had my future showmanship boots!  BUT....

BUT ... THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!!  So I'm KEEPING them!  I'm keeping them PINK!!!!  So without intending to, I now have a new pair of just-for-fun boots.  Ooops, now I'm out of new SMS boots... well, more on that in another post.


A (somewhat) Related Story: The Story of Uta.

This reminds me of the story of Uta.  Back in the long-long-ago-beforetime, I was a summer office assistant for a county extension office.  I really LOVED that job, I was like the 4-H county fair master of all things.  During my second year in the office and what was to be my final summer living at home (I planned to stay in my college town for the summer after my sophomore year so I could do more theatre.)  I decided I wanted a bunny.  Up until the summer before, I'd had barns full of chickens and ducks and geese and I missed having the critters.  I asked my parents for permission and of course received the question: "What will happen to the rabbit when you go back to school?"  I told my dad he could eat it.  He furrowed his brow at me but accepted.  I know how much he likes yummy bunny.

DON'T BE JUDGIE.  I grew up on a farm and all the animals I loved AND THEN ATE had a WAY higher quality of life AND a more humane death than anything you buy in a grocery store or eat at a restaurant.  Stepping off my soapbox and getting back to the story now.

I asked a 4H mom if she had any rabbits for sale and she showed me the most adorable rabbit I'd ever seen.  He was a purple-ribbon winning market (bred for meat) rabbit and was a half mini-rex and half mini-lop so his ears curled over in the middle.  I took him home for $4 after her son assured me he was more than willing to sell him and he happily took my cash.  He was the tamest rabbit I have ever encountered, having been handled by a 7 year old since birth.  Button could learn a thing or two...

I brought Uta (named after Uta Hagen, a famous acting teacher I had read about) into the living room to show my parents.  My dad took one look at that adorable fuzzy creature and yelled through a laugh: "I can't eat THAT!!!"  and we all laughed.

I enjoyed the rest of the summer with Uta. Serendipitously, one of the gals I worked with in the office building and I got to talking and turned out she and her husband were in the process of getting a first pet for their 5 year old.  So, at the end of the summer, Uta went to his third home and a custom-built multi-story cage with a grass run.  So happy ending:  Dad didn't eat Uta.

So as I opened the box of my brand new perfectly pink wingtip boots, I declared aloud: "I can't paint THAT!!!"  I really did.  It's sort of a "thing", see?  I can't eat that?  Get it?   They will not be painted.  They will live their lives in glory and shavings and arena dust and we'll all live happily ever after.

I rode in them today and Junior was superb.  We jogged teeny tiny circles around cones and backed figure-eights and did lead changes and roll backs.  I think the boots helped... and they match my spur straps... and they look better now with a little arena dust on them.  Everybody wins.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pivot Divots

Sometimes all the stars align.  Or more specifically, sometimes a horse is alert and engaged and totally in tune with a handler and the handler has total control over every inch of a horse's body, maneuvering the horse effortlessly though a series of choreographed movements....

Perhaps someday that will actually happen to us, right?  Ha!

In the mean time, I like to celebrate the small victories of our showmanship practice....

Like when that right hind augers itself a hole and my own footpath (mostly) resembles a circle, all while we both remain relaxed and confident.  These two photos were not from the same day, the full circle is from a few months ago when I was giddy-as-a-schoolgirl to find a freshly dragged (drug?) arena. The closeup is from this week.... and it wouldn't be a picture of Junior if there wasn't some hair missing...  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things to "Yay!" About!

I've only been home since Monday evening, but I've ridden twice, once english, once western, just to feel things out.  For the past 3 weeks Junior has been on his ActiFlex 4000 joint supplement, eating his hay out of a NibbleNet, and has gone through one Stall Snack.  His "other people" (the couple that half-lease him) have been enjoying their 3 rides/week and Junior also stepped up to fill in for some lesson horses who needed a break.  All reports were extremely positive about his attitude and performance and I couldn't be happier with that!  He does have some scrapes on his face, but that's nothing new so I should probably just get used to owning the leader of Pony Fight Club.... Ooops... first rule of Pony Fight Club.....

After our first two rides, I am pleased to report that my pony seems to feel pretty good!  He still needs to build muscle, of course, but he seems to move pretty well and feels pretty straight and even, even at the lope!  Woot!  His right hip seemed to be tight when I was grooming him, it was hard to tell if he liked the massaging or not.  The Chiro did some big manipulation there so I think he'll be getting a re-check soon.  Again, I didn't really feel it while riding, so between the adjustment and the supplement, I seem to have a fluid pony again!  Now maybe I'll feel fluid eventually too!  Darn sciatica!  But I'm not complaining, it's a whole lot better than it was a year ago!  I finally have some hope for a non-disaster-laden show season!

Junior has been enjoying tolerating his NibbleNet and it looks like it's holding up very well!  Sorry for the poor cell phone photos!  I'll do better next time!  I arrived at the barn around 11am on Tuesday and he was still eating his hay!  They are fed at 7:00am and he was the only one still eating.  I am sure this is helping with his boredom.  All the ground surrounding the barn is ice right now so the horses are getting only limited indoor turnout, but he has been calm and content so I think this was a good investment!

Nomming patiently, one bite at at time...

I rule at Pony Fight Club.
Here's to finding more things to "Yay!" about!

Equilutions 2013

Happy New Year!!!

2013 brings a fourth installment of Equilutions!!!  Last year's were pretty lackluster since my back injury had me benched. Lets see if we can do better this year!!

1. GET HELP. I wanted to try maintaining without regular lessons, but I don't feel that was as successful as I want us to be.  We will start taking weekly equitation lessons this month and work up towards small jumps.

2. SHOW IN HORSEMANSHIP.  We cut out all western mounted classes last year in an effort to be able to show without totally overdoing it.  This year I would like to add horsemanship back in, and perhaps walk/trot western pleasure and trail if the courses are more traditional. We are just not cut out for those modern "trail" aka POLES classes.

3. LEAD IN A STRAIGHT LINE. This is kindergarten work, but in showmanship we are still having a hard time with this.  When we stop at the judge, Junior is nearly always hip-out from the line. I've got a plan, let's see if it works!

4. SHOWMANSHIP SUIT. This year I will build myself a suit (jacket AND pants) out of the deep teal fabric I purchased. Pants are difficult to fit.  I will be soliciting a colleague for help and I hope to have this done by our first show in early May.

5. HORSEMANSHIP SHIRT. I will build myself a simple blouse to wear for HMS and WP. Sounds easy, but because fit is so important it could be tough. I hope to have it finished by out first show.