Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Unicorn Acquired.

Surprise!  I bought a horse!

Full story coming, but first I'd like to play a little game...

My criteria for New Horse was this:

1. 15h MAX. 
2. Gelding
3. AQHA (or minimal/solid APHA) GELDING with good extensions at all Western gaits. 
4. SMOOTH ride at all gaits. 
5. Four-Twelve years old. 
6. Easy going, been-there-done-that type with no maintenance and no shenanigans. 
7. Under 8K. 
8. Within 3 hours from Columbus, Ohio.

New Horse fits 7 of these 8 criteria.... 
Which one do you think I compromised on? 
Leave your guess in the comments!

Happy Riding!