Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday-ish Greetings!

As per usual, the blog will be rather silent while I journey to the (apparently not yet) frozen tundra of Minnesota for some much needed family time and friend time over the holidays.

My back is not improved but we now know that I have two, yes TWO bulging disks between the S1 and L5 and the L5 and L4.  Super. It seems trying to "work through" the pain wasn't the thing to do after all.  I have another appointment after the new year to see another ortho-guy and I've been ordered to take it very easy and have been given some mild pain meds/anti-inflamatory drugs so if this post makes no sense you can guess why... The Pharmacist said "yeah, people really like this stuff."

All of this time off has sort of put a snag in my plan for really getting both Junior and myself back into shape.  It's a rare occasion that my motivation outweighs my ability and it's driving me a bit nuts.  But things could be much worse so I'm trying to stay positive. We were in such good shape last May before I hurt myself, darn it!

I have some riders set up to give the Junebug some exercise so he doesn't need to spend my whole vacation idle, as much as he would probably prefer that.  And as always, BM Sarah and BO Molly will keep an extra eye on The Bug to make sure he stays out of trouble.... as if that's possible...

Thank you for all the nice compliments on my locker sign!  I also made one for someone else, but shhhh! It's a secret!  I'll post about that in January. ;)

In January I'll also be resurrecting my annual Equi-lutions, both scoring us on how we did this year and confessing my goals for 2012, which will be conservative considering my back issue.

So after the holidaitus I will be back with bells on, I promise.

Happy Christmas!  Happy New Year! Happy Everyone!!!

I thought I'd to a Christmas Video this year instead of just the card:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Tack Locker Sign

It's a "thing" at my new barn to have a wooden plaque on your tack locker with your name and your horse's name.  The barn is nice enough to provide the plaque, we just need to provide a little craftivity.

I FINALLY got mine finished and hung today.

Ta da! 
A row of signs!

There is only a LITTLE bit of glitter on those pink letters.  :)

I chose black and silver with pink as the accent color - big surprise, right?  Not trusting I could free-hand it without messing it up, I used photoshop to create the layout and choose the fonts.  I used the pen tool to create the WP and HUS line drawings.  I then printed the whole image (backwards) on an overhead transparency sheet, you know, the clear plastic sheets we used before we had computer projectors in classrooms?  The  transfer sheet works like a rub-on transfer but comes out super light so I then painted over the lettering and the line drawings.  Lastly it got a solid, glossy coating of Polyurethane and took a good long day to dry.

So what do you think?