Friday, August 25, 2017

I Need Your Votes!

Okay, so I don't "need" votes, but I'm shamelessly begging for them!

Head on over to Hobby Horse's facebook page:

and look for this post:

Then in the comments, "like" my two entries!  They look like this:

I'm late to the gate on this contest, so please hurry and vote/share before August 28th!


And the Olive showmanship set is for sale, let me know if you're interested!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sh*t Just Got Real.

Remember back in January when I told you I had a goal of showing at the All American Quarter Horse Congress?

Well, I've mailed my entry forms/payment via Certified Mail! There's no turning back now..... no refunds.  I may have screamed in my car after I left the post office...

Huck and I will be showing in two classes on Tuesday October 10th: Senior Ranch Riding and Level 1 Amateur Ranch Riding.  The Sr. class will be packed with the nation's best horses and trainers so I'm considering it a paid warm up. It's our only chance to get Huck and I ALONE in the Coliseum before our actual amateur class.  I'll let him spook at something in that class and hope he's over it the next time around.  Fingers crossed...

The show isn't cheap, but I figured it's a one-time thing and in for a penny in for a pound as they say.  Stalls are $280 (even more for the "pleasure" part of the show) and classes are $65 each, plus $30 in fees per horse.  I splurged and got a tack stall, too, which I'm sharing with the friend that I shadowed at last year's Congress.  He's doing the Ranch Riding and the Freestyle Reining.   I expect we will be there from Sunday to late Saturday night, but I'll leave that up to him since he's hauling.

I will be sharing the pattern, our back number, and our draw order as we get closer, and you should be able to catch our run on the live stream if you so desire.

Now let's just hope our red pony can stay injury-free for another seven weeks!  Seriously.

Oh, and our last Ranch show was supposed to be last weekend, but it was rained out and moved to September 9th.

Wait, we're gonna... WHAT?!?!