About the Horse

(Assets Until Dark)
(2014-Present) 2004 AQHA Gelding.  Kevin was started in Western Pleasure.  He arrived at the farm in September 2014 as a new purchase by a boarder.  I began a 1/2 lease on him and in 2015 he helped me win the Green Ranch Rider year-end award as well as a few Top-3 class wins. I took a break from him when I purchased Huck.   I resumed riding him in Winter '18 and when he came up for sale in summer '19 I couldn't say goodbye and he became officially "mine."

(Nu Deposit Chex)
(2015-2017)  I found Huck on Craigslist. He'd been shown in reining until he was 5 but was an unhandled pasture ornament for 2 years. when I found him.  We showed Ranch Versatility and he helped me cross an item off my Bucket List when he carried me in two Ranch Riding classes at the Quarter Horse Congress in 2017.  Right after Congress he was sold to Texas.  Some horses just aren't the right fit. 

(Glacier's Majestic JR)
4/26/00 - 12/13/13
Rest in peace, my friend.

Junebug was my heart horse.  I miss him every day.

Glaciers Majestic JR was born in Texas on April 26, 2000.  He was registered with the American Paint Horse Association as a Bay Roan Overo.  He had true Paint papers with a whole lot of "lucky spots" on his belly. He was by APHA stallion, Glacier and out of an off-track Thoroughbred mare named Majesty's Woodland.

He came to me as Junior, but eventually I began calling him Junebug.

He was a funny horse and he kept us all entertained with his trouble-making shenanigans and destructive tendencies towards halters and his own face.  He was a social butterfly and absolutely loved ALL other horses especially bays like his mom, other paints, roans, and mini horses.  He went through turn-out buddies like kleenex, eventually wearing out the tolerance of his friends. He was oblivious of social cues. He loved all people, but would take advantage of newbs in a heartbeat and as silly as he was, he could be quite intimidating which made him less suitable as a lesson horse.  We were working on his anxiety over trees and the lions and tigers and bears they are sure to contain.

He came to Ohio in 2007 as part of a partial trade between his breeder and a woman with a small barn of Paints.  The 2nd owner kept him for a while and grew fond of him but decided he needed to go to a new home and she needed to bring in some young prospects. The timing was right and I found his ad as I began my search for a horse.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw his photos, though it took me a while to admit it.  Boy I sure wish I had kept a screenshot of his ad. Something about him was pulling me, even though he was bay roan and I thought I hated bay roans.  He was the first horse I went to try out.  I forced myself try out a few more but all I could think of was him, even when I nearly bought another horse (he was older, a chromed chestnut QH, smaller, and probably more suitable to my experience level at the time) who serendipitously came up lame on my second trial ride and gave me the excuse to head back to Junior.  Some things are just meant to be.

Our first trainer, KAT, went down with me to try him out a second time and with her approval I made an offer.   Then the story really began.  With the first 7 years of his life still a bit of a mystery (with rumors of cutting) we'll make the rest of his history together.

We competed in small local shows in the all-around, competing in Halter, Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Equitation, Western Pleasure, and Horsemanship.

Junebug colicked in November of 2013 and had emergency surgery to repair two impactions; one in the small colon, one in the large, that caused his colon to twist.  Five weeks post-op he colicked again.  A second surgery was not a financial option, and would have meant stapling his colon to his abdominal wall, limiting his life to a stall and small paddock.  He was humanely euthanized on December 13, 2013, and with him went my heart.