Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Best Girl - Visiting Banee

I think we were 15 when we met.  She was "too much horse" for me in the beginning, but I loved her instantly.  She was pure white and so pretty. When we started to learn her buttons we found one for tempi changes, and one for cantering side-passes.  She often frustrated me and refused to walk, preferring the piaffe. Lany would have me show off for houseguests with her, prancing along the driveway to "ooohs" and "aaaahs".  When asked to trot the barrel pattern for the first time, she ran me through like an old pro... and eventually became my all-day show horse once I (sort-of) taught her showmanship.  Even though she stood out too much from the slow-n-steady quarter horses to win us many ribbons, I always felt on top of the world when I entered the show ring on my bright white prancing pony.

It's 19 years later, and she's still my best girl.  She lives on the beautiful farm where I first met her, living a life of luxury, getting to choose whether she'd like to spend her day grazing in the field or under the fan in her stall. Her weight is great, despite her difficulty chewing and the amount of extra care needed to prepare her meals.  The melanoma in her ear doesn't seem to bother her and the swollen gland at her throat has not grown in years.  She moves around just fine despite the pronounced swayback, and still wants to GO when she's put under saddle. Her nicker is still the sweetest I've ever known and it still stirs my soul just like it did when we were 15. Every moment is precious with her, as any person with an old horse knows.  I made the journey to see her this month and I am so very glad I did.

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