Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Halter for Sale

Hi Friends!

I have a western show halter for sale.  I really don't see myself going back into the showmanship arena any time soon since I'm heading more towards the Ranch Pleasure world.  Better to send it on to someone who will use it than let it hide in my closet.  It's hard to "get rid of" some of Junior's things, but it's also a good way to put money towards my next equine partner, and every little bit helps!

It's a Sterling Silver Plate Billy Royal "Total Elegance" from Schneiders and was used a little, always stored in a padded bag in the house.  There are teensy tiny oxidation spots on the silver, which is pretty normal, and I've shown it in the photos.  I have not tried polishing them and they would not be noticeable in the arena.  Still very shiny and pretty.  Leather is in excellent condition and has all the adjustment points you'd need.  Comes with matching lead, also in excellent condition.  I'm asking $200 Priority shipped to the L48.

Let me know if you are interested or pass it on to anyone you think might be looking for a show halter.  I have it listed on Western Tack Trader as well.  If you are not familiar, Western Tack Trader is a HUGE group on Facebook of people buying/selling western tack.  There are over 46,000 members!

And for the English folk, there is English Tack Trader with over 45,000 members.  I sold a pair of pull-on Ariats on there within 15 minutes.  Not even kidding.

Are there other facebook tack selling groups you love?  Please share!

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Baby Pictures

I'm sure you guessed that the adorable baby colt was, in fact, my Junior.

I serendipitously "met" his breeder online via a chance connection with the former owner of Junior's full brother, Spencer a few years ago.....

Years ago I had been googling to find photos of Junior's parents and through that search found a YouTube video tribute to a Junior's full brother Glacier's Outta Paint (Spencer). The gal and I messaged a few times.  Spencer had passed away from colic when he was only 8, so when Junior was 9.  We shared some stories of the brothers and they sounded quite alike.

A month or so ago, she found me on facebook and connected me with their breeder.  The breeder sent me these photos and told me some of Junior's history.  His mother is now retired from breeding and spending her days being loved on and pampered.

It was great to finally connect with her and let her know Junior was loved and cared for to the end, and that he had become a very good citizen despite the shenanigans he insisted on participating in until he reached a double-digit age.  

He's about a week old in the photos. It's so interesting how red his mane was in his foal coat.  If you compare the first picture with the photo of is in the right-hand side-bar, you'll see the blaze (is it actually an apron? It's not a bald face.) is exactly the same above his right eye.

Miss that boy every single day.