Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Junior's 11th Birthday

Look what the handsome Birthday Boy got for his special day!!!!

It even looks nice without the party hat. :)

It's a touch darker than my saddle since the saddle I was comparing it to in the store was a little older, but it still looks very nice and now that I've seen it on him I'm convinced it was a good choice. And it was on sale. Woot! Plus, they'll make me a 2nd ear piece if I decide I can't live without one. :)

And to say thank you for the pretty headstall (and probably not for posting pictures of him wearing a stupid party hat) he gave me this:

THAT, if you are unfamiliar, is the foot pattern of a darn near perfectly executed pivot on the hindquarters to the right, complete with deep center circle where is inside hind hoof did not budge and the front feet moved in a circle around it. We did a few really good ones today and one darn near good one the other direction. Progress.

Happy Birthday Junebug!


  1. Aww happy bday Jr!! Too cute with the party hat! The headstall looks nice too, good choice! And WAY TO GO on the showmanship pivot! Thats fantastic!!

  2. Thanks, Nina!

    I guess I should have clarified this was actually a mounted pivot. :) We've had the SMS pivots down for a while and when I started using the same audible cue in the saddle he started to put the two together. He's just starting to get consistent with the maneuver while mounted.

  3. Aww well then kudos to you on that as well!!! Milo-face is still solidifying that in our turnarounds...but he has en excuse with his hocks.

  4. Happy birthday to a wonderful boy - great pictures!

  5. He's coming into the prime of his life! Jr's new bling suits his head, and will look nice with your new saddle digs.

  6. Kewl! And you went with Option C. I think it looks terrific... Happy Birthday, Junior! Your momma loves ya!

  7. Happy Birthday, Junior! Love that bridle! That was absolutely my favorite of the lot.

  8. Happy Birthday, Junior! He looks adorable in his party hat! :)

    The bridle looks really good on him, too. I think you made a good choice!