Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leather Anniversary Part II

Aw come on, did you really think I was going to let Junebug have all the "Leather Anniversary" fun?!?! Did you?!?!  I'll be breaking these in for our upcoming Cowboy Challenge!  I needed some modern western boots I could ride in and wear to events without worrying about hurting my show boots or looking like a newb in my lacers.  I finally found exactly what I was looking for.
I LOVE square toes!

Yes, I do love my Ariats.  I seem to have better luck with them than many.  I now have 4 pair of western (two are the old-school lacers), a pair of brown RT paddocks, and some Crown field boots.  I love them all.  I've been hunting for a pair in this style for a while and I LOVE the subtle pink/purple stitching and the brown distressed leather is lovely.

I highly recommend Their prices are the lowest I've found and I've always gotten free shipping.  If you use "topten" in the coupon code you can get $10 off your order.  Only weird thing with them is that the "check order status" on their website never seems to work, but the shipping time isn't bad - took 8 business days to get from WI to OH with the free shipping. This is my second order from OnlineBootStore and I will be back... but hopefully I can hold off for a while!!!

Dr. J was out again this morning to check on the Thrush I thought we had, and again I fail at diagnosing my horse's issues.  He has no thrush, but he did have some sole cracks that were letting in enough poo/mud/bedding/etc. to make them goopy and yucky. Possible he HAD thrush in there but keeping him in and dry for a week was enough to get rid of it.  So all that is cut away and he can go back to his regular turnout schedule, a fact he was QUITE happy about today.

Don't forget to enter our Anniversary Give Away!!!!  Details Here.  I'll be cutting it off at 7pm Saturday September 17th, so you've got TWO DAYS left!  Thanks to all who have already entered!


  1. Ariat Quickdraws, right? I do love me some western boots....I do miss my retail days at the local western store...I feel so out of the loop on the latest western fashions now. I admit it, I am a boot addict. And I LOVE square toes - they fit my rectagular shaped feet the best too. I jsut got Double Hs last winter, but I want to replace them with a pair of the quickdraws for riding as well. See, Ive got my (many) "Nice" boots, but I have to sacrifice something for riding. Time for another new riding pair I think.

  2. OMG. LOVE Ariats! Sooo comfortable. I'm still riding in my first pair of paddocks that are 10 years old! Faded and broken-in, but with a little leather cleaner they always look amazing! : ) And now I want a pair of your boots too! Love the coloring!

  3. @Milo: Quickdraws, yes! Link below!

    @Sand: I have my first pair, too. They are 17 years old, black Lacers and aside from scratches and replaced laces they are still awesome. But my feet are 1/2 size bigger than they were when I was that young so I find my newer ones more comfortable. ;)

    These are the ones I just got:

  4. Nice boots! It seems only fair that you get a leather gift too!! I love Ariat boots and square toes too. I have quite a few pairs of boots and they're all Ariat because they're so comfortable!

    I'm glad to hear Junior gets to go back out on his normal turnout schedule. :)

  5. Love the boots! Of course, you should get something in leather also, it's only fair! LOL! I, too, love boots, especially Ariats, but these are just beautiful!