Sunday, November 13, 2011

Settling In

I'm sorry to say that there isn't much exciting to report.  Junior seems to have settled in really well.  He's been able to keep Bruin as his turnout buddy and they seem to get along great.

I've worked two Sunday afternoon feeding shifts at the barn so I'm getting to know the horses pretty well.  Of the 30 horses, about half are the new owner's lesson horses, and about half horses that were already boarding at the barn, and then there's 4 of us who came together.  So there are new faces for everyone.

I'm still trying to sell my tack box but I've only had one bite and we negotiated on the price and I'm waiting to hear from her to see if she will accept my lowest amount or if I have to keep it a while.  I'd rather store it somewhere than let it go for less than it's worth.  Too much time and materials went into that thing for me to just give it away.

I'm still dealing with back issues but I'm trying to ride as much as I can because we both really need it.  I'm trying to work him back into condition and it's much harder when riding hurts. :(  But we'll manage.  We don't have another show until spring.  Today after my chores I lunged him and had a pole out so he had to trot/canter over it each lap.  He was SOOOO lazy and it was very windy and in all my cleverness and coordination I managed to whip myself across the face, but luckily there's just one inch pink line on my cheekbone and not any worse.  Nothing quite like feeling pain and embarrassment at the same time to humble a soul.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're both settling in at the new place. Sounds like there are quite a few horses kept there.

    Having Lilly longe over poles is next on my list of things to do too... we trot over them when I'm riding, but I'm just not ready to do a whole lot with poles at the canter.

    Hope your cheek is back to normal soon. Good thing you didn't get your eye!