Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Equilutions 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!

I have returned from a glorious vacation to visit my family and friends.  It was a wonderful time but I am glad to be home and getting back to my normal routine...mostly. ;) 

As per usual, to celebrate the new year, I have been considering goals for 2012.  But first we must examine the goals I set for 2011...

1. Solve the Western Saddle issue. WIN!  I was able to sell both my training saddle and my Circle Y show set for a small profit. I had Rod's custom order me a Rockin' R saddle that has served both as my show saddle and my trail/hack/cowboy challenge saddle.  The light color I chose is still pretty light for those cowboy challenges, but I got over it. :)

2. Work on jumping. FAIL!  This one has to move on to next year.  Though I did pop over a few crossrails over the year, there was no real work done here.  Oh well.

3. Learn to braid well enough to pass at a show. WIN?   Okay, so it's actually a FAIL, but I think roaching is sufficient (legal in APHA) to "pass at a show" so the problem is solved, just not in the way I had planned.  :) When a girl has to do ALL the show prep by herself, a roached mane saves a LOT of work/$$.

4. Place in a cowboy challenge. WIN!  We got 2nd in the Novice at our first challenge this year!

5. Trailer out and go trail riding. WIN!  Brenda trailered us out to one of the Metro Parks, AND we did the trails at the Cowboy Challenge grounds!  And we had FUN!!!

7. Be able to do a fast and slow lope. FAIL! There's been some work here but there's a lot more to go. But I think the FAST part works fine... 


I am still working on my back issue but at this point it's clear that it's going to take a bit of recovery time.  With that fact it's rather difficult to know how realistic my goals are.  If you had asked me last summer, I would have told you that Junior and I were going to be in the best shape we've ever been in and take the 2012 show season by storm.  Alas, life may have other plans.  

So  my lone resolution this year is to work on OUR fitness level. Not quite able to use January 1st as the start of that, but we'll start as soon as it's possible.  I'm considering obtaining in a surcingle and long lines to work with Junior while I'm benched, unless of course tomorrow's Dr. appointment advises otherwise.  I'm terrified of carts (I'll tell that story another time) so I've pondered how good it would be for me to get over that fear by doing it with a horse that's rather trustworthy and is not bothered at all by stuff banging into him.  

Speaking of carts being terrifying, you've seen this, right:

And isn't doesn't this look more relaxing/less dangerous?:

Today I groomed him and gave him lots of carrots which he still had to earn by stretching, then took him into the arena to make sure he remembered how to do showmanship. I turned him loose afterwards and he cantered around a few figure 8's, stopped to sniff his own poop.... and walked back to me with a comfortably submissive low headed posture, sighing and stopping within arms reach, right about in the spot he's finally learned to lead in (instead of directly in MY space.)  Goober.


  1. OMG that first video is the only one I watched so far. OMG is all I can say. And the poor injured horse that only panicked because of the other one...I bet there are some seriously angry horse owners from this show.

  2. @Milo - In KNOW! "Supposedly" none of the horses or people were seriously injured, but they did have to place the class based only on the time before the runaway because every single rig was damaged in some way. The 2nd video is from Paint World Show. :)