Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Boring Blog

Perhaps I should re-title this "The Boring Horse Blog."

I suppose it's not a bad thing that there aren't too many things that bring out the Overanxious Horse Owner in me, and that after nearly 4 years of horse ownership things are starting to mellow into a nice comfort zone.  But y'all want something to read, right?!?!

You can expect more out of me.... eventually.

Limited Riding:  It's taken 3 weeks for my back to feel like it did BEFORE the show so I'm not planning to do another one any time soon.  I'm riding a little but I'm not very smart and can't help doing "fun" stuff.  By "fun" I mean cantering over teensy crossrails and riding over to the pond which has resulted in one big spook each time.  Spooks aren't good when you're trying to avoid compression on your lower spine... duh.  Junior's remained a great babysitter for me and aside from the inevitable spook at the pond he's been the steady-Eddie I need.  But I get real bored with trotting around in circles and serpentines. Today we just spent a bit in the round pen and I was able to enjoy him following me around like a puppy.

Show Clothing Designs:  I am working on the design for a new Showmanship outfit for myself AND one for a potential "client"... you know who you are and may reveal yourself if you choose.  :)  I am planning to use the latter for a design competition so I won't be blogging the progress, but I'll keep you posted on the one for myself.  If  you want to see the kind of colors and things I'm currently inspired by, you can click the Pinterest link to the right and head to my "Show Clothing" board.  My "Equichic" board is all horse related, too.  I also use boards for theatre productions I'm working on.

New Friends:  We've been at our "new" barn for 7 months now and things there are running very smoothly.  The "new" barn manager KT is quite cool and she often brings her two dogs with her.  I have fallen madly in love with her 9 month old Jack Russel Terrier named Dallas.  He's my buddy.  I want to take him home with me.  I missed a great photo opportunity when he was sitting on my lap and holding onto Junior's lead for me, but it didn't last long, baby Jack's are GO GO GO!  Until the get so tired they fall down.

The BO also adopted 6 ducklings so I'm having wonderful flashbacks to Gobo, the duck we raised one year at a summer stock theatre. A baby wood duck just showed up and refused to leave.  I also raised a lot of ducks when I was a kid.  Never get ducks.  They are FILTHY pigs.... but they are SO CUTE and I really miss the sound a bunch of duckings make!


  1. Hello, I am completely brand new to the site. I would like to say that I hope you feel better soon! It sounds like you have a lot going for you, with designing show clothing becuase that is no easy task. Dallas is such a cutie! At the barn where I work, there is a Jack Russel conveniently named Jack and he is an amazing jumper, a fighter too! I raise ducklings too! You are so right, extremely messy birds but they are so dang cute! I limited my duck flock down to only three White Pekins. I used to have Mallards and I think next year I am going to raise White Crested ducks. I think all your animals are stunning! I'm still not quite sure how this blog thing works yet! Happy Horses!

    1. Welcome! You should add Runner Ducks to your flock. They were the most fun to watch. My favorites were my white call ducks, so tiny and so cute. We had muscovys too. Such good times!

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