Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Video!

New Video!

I finally got my latest video uploaded to YouTube. He's doing even better than this video shows. This was after KAT had done 7 rides on him while I was out of state for the Holidays, but before I had gotten a chance to really work with her on how to handle him in the new shanked bit. Because of this (I have to blame it on something, right?) he is a bit behind the vertical and a little too arched. He's consistent in that position, though and he's currently really consistent in a better headset, flatter, more stretched out and down. As soon as I have proof to share I'll upload it.

Note how long his mane is and how much weight he's gained. Time sure flies.



  1. I don't have any Western experience, so I can't comment really on his way of going, but he looked in good condition and well behaved to me. What did you use to film? I'm thinking if I set a camera up on the tripod on the viewing area of our indoor I might be able to film myself, that could be really useful. We have some mirrors in our indoor, but I always find them hard to look in while I'm riding!

    Ellie and Werther Blog

  2. Hi Ellie,

    I just use a Canon Power Shot SD Digital 1000 ELPH. With my current size of memory card I can do about 15 minutes time but the longer the clip the longer it takes to download and upload into iMovie so I can edit it. It would be best if I had someone to stop and start the camera ever few minutes just for ease of uploading. Right now I just have to push the button and go, hoping I get something decent. If I just want the video for my own use I'll use my old analog camera and just watch it on my TV, but I have to use my little digital if I want to put it on You Tube.

    I love watching my lessons. It helps me so much to see both my own position and his. It's hard for me to tell when his frame is correct so being able to see the side profile is really helpful. It's also really helpful for me to watch past lessons and have a visual record of my progress.