Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things to "Yay!" About!

I've only been home since Monday evening, but I've ridden twice, once english, once western, just to feel things out.  For the past 3 weeks Junior has been on his ActiFlex 4000 joint supplement, eating his hay out of a NibbleNet, and has gone through one Stall Snack.  His "other people" (the couple that half-lease him) have been enjoying their 3 rides/week and Junior also stepped up to fill in for some lesson horses who needed a break.  All reports were extremely positive about his attitude and performance and I couldn't be happier with that!  He does have some scrapes on his face, but that's nothing new so I should probably just get used to owning the leader of Pony Fight Club.... Ooops... first rule of Pony Fight Club.....

After our first two rides, I am pleased to report that my pony seems to feel pretty good!  He still needs to build muscle, of course, but he seems to move pretty well and feels pretty straight and even, even at the lope!  Woot!  His right hip seemed to be tight when I was grooming him, it was hard to tell if he liked the massaging or not.  The Chiro did some big manipulation there so I think he'll be getting a re-check soon.  Again, I didn't really feel it while riding, so between the adjustment and the supplement, I seem to have a fluid pony again!  Now maybe I'll feel fluid eventually too!  Darn sciatica!  But I'm not complaining, it's a whole lot better than it was a year ago!  I finally have some hope for a non-disaster-laden show season!

Junior has been enjoying tolerating his NibbleNet and it looks like it's holding up very well!  Sorry for the poor cell phone photos!  I'll do better next time!  I arrived at the barn around 11am on Tuesday and he was still eating his hay!  They are fed at 7:00am and he was the only one still eating.  I am sure this is helping with his boredom.  All the ground surrounding the barn is ice right now so the horses are getting only limited indoor turnout, but he has been calm and content so I think this was a good investment!

Nomming patiently, one bite at at time...

I rule at Pony Fight Club.
Here's to finding more things to "Yay!" about!


  1. Did you get your blanket from It looks like it has their "adjust-a-fit" neck.
    I have 2 from there which I like quite a bit.

    1. It is from Schneiders! Aside from a cooler I ordered from Dover, ALL of our blankets are Schneiders. I'm a fan. :)