Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Announcement and Giveaway!!!

It's time to let you, my loyal reader, in on some news.  I will soon be opening up at Etsy store!  That in itself isn't terribly exciting, but I'd like to introduce you to some of the items I'll be offering and give you a chance to WIN something!

Introducing Buckstitch Becky's Customs!

The pin-up girl is not a permanent feature on the logo, but she helps set the tone!
In Buckstitch Becky's Etsy store, I plan to offer my show clothing and custom vinyl decals but I also have a few other ideas cooking in my noggin. I've been working on the first round of my graphics: original images created by me. I started playing with these back when I made my tack locker sign, long before I imagined I'd actually own a vinyl cutter!  I will also offer some stock images, such as the horseshoe, but I wanted to be able to offer something unique.  

SMS, Rodeo Font

Here's what you need to do in order to enter the contest before Wednesday, January 30th:

1. Be a "follower" of my blog - Link is on the right hand side if you're not already "one of us."
2. Comment on this post with the following info - there is a list of graphics/fonts/colors at the end of this post:

  • Which GRAPHIC you would like, horse facing LEFT or RIGHT
  • What FONT and what text you would like (Your name, farm name, horse's name, etc.)
  • What COLOR you would like
  • What object (truck, grooming box, etc) you plan to use it on
  • What other graphics you'd like to see me create for my store
3. By entering the contest, you agree to provide me with a digital photograph of the decal (applied to your item) that I can use for marketing purposes, ie you give me permission to use the photo as an example of my product to use in my store, etc. 

TWO lucky readers will receive a free decal (approx. 4"x6" or smaller if the winner prefers), AND a 50% OFF coupon to use on a decal in my Etsy store when it opens!

Another TWO lucky readers will win a 50% OFF coupon to use on a decal in my Etsy store when it opens!

Four of you will win!  May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

Here are some more examples of the graphics and the fonts.  Keep in mind I'm still tweaking the images. For instance, I think I prefer the fine lines on the WP best... the SMS is a bit thick... I might fix that...

HUS, Glacier Font

SMS, Rugged Font
WP, Dark Font
Horseshoe, Rugged Font

HUS, Rodeo Font (This is how your decal will look when you receive it, ready to apply anywhere!)
Let me know if you have questions about the options!  The decals are all custom.  If you can imagine it, I can probably make it!

  • Graphics: HUS, WP, SMS, Horseshoe
  • Fonts: Rodeo, Glacier, Rugged, Dark - I can also do standard Arial and Cooper Black.
  • Colors:  White Outdoor, Silver Outdoor, Chocolate Brown Indoor, Bronze Indoor, Bright Pink Indoor, Silver Indoor.   Outdoor is best for items that will be outdoors or may get wet or dirty, but may damage interior walls or other sufaces. Outdoor is shiny, Indoor is matte. 


  1. Yay! Giveaway!

    GRAPHIC: Western Pleasure facing RIGHT
    FONT: Justa Cool Milo Chocolate Brown
    COLOR: Chocolate Brown
    OBJECT: Either a hat box (when I get one) or possibly on the trailer door
    Other Graphics: Reining! Cutting! But one can dream...

    BTW, I still am pondering that shirt order I wish to make with you. Have you seen any good fabrics out there?

    1. I'm working on a reining one, but the slide looks weird with my line drawings so I'm playing with a spin instead. :)

      I looked but there's really no decent selection of shirtings locally. :( Check out the shirtings on That's where I found the black/bronze stripe (on my Pinterest) that I'm planning to use for mine this year. :)

  2. I love vinyl decals - I have an "Apple"loosa halter horse one on my Mac laptop and definitely need one for my vet school computer too!

    Graphic: Western pleasure facing right
    Font: Amy & Bogey (dark font)
    Color: silver indoor
    Object: The top of my vet school laptop so I can show off all day long!

    Ideas: I've yet to see a really great loping western pleasure decal and would love one but haven't found one - probably hard to make but would be really cool!

    I love that you are looking into custom orders - way cool!

    1. I've got a pleasure lope finished for you! It'll be unveiled as soon as my store opens. Stay tuned! And yes, if you win you can change your order to that one. :)

  3. Graphic hunter under saddle facing right.
    Hope dark font
    Color white outdoor
    Probably my custom track trunk
    Maybe bare foot symbol, trail riding, vaulting, therapy riding.

    1. Trail is definitely on my to-do list! I'll add the others, this list is getting long!

  4. Graphic : SMS with the horse facing right
    Font : Rugged Saying 'Amber Rose'
    Colour : Bright Pink Indoor :)
    I will use it on my grooming bag probably :)
    Other Graphics that I would like to see are a cowboy theme type of thing.

    I love that you are doing this it is soo cool :D

    1. Pink is totally my favorite! Just to be clear, this is a vinyl sticker, I'm not sure how well it'll adhere to fabrics or how much adhesive will be left behind upon removal. Can you be more specific with what you mean by cowboy theme?

    2. I love pink it is definitely my favourite colour, If it won't stick yo my grooming bag, I will probably put it on my bedroom window :). I think racing around a barrel, or a cowgirl riding a hat herding up live stock, or a person and horse by an open fire. Does that make more sense sorry I wasn't that specific to start with. I also meant to say in my comment but totally forgot that I love your logo, it's really cool :)

    3. I see! There's a couple in the works I think you'll like!

    4. Can't wait to see them :) You are soo good at what you do :)

  5. Ooo Giveaway! Awesome :) & Can I just say that I am innnnnn love with your Etsy store graphic, "Buckstitch Becky" with the pinup cowgirl?! I want THAT as a decal haha, it is SO CUTE.

    Graphic: WP facing Right
    Font: Rugged Font
    Text: Louisa & Jingle
    Object: I love the laptop idea.. that would be too cute, so I might have to steal that from Amy.

    Ideas: It would be cool to see a cutter with a cow, or a barrel racer turning a barrel, etc. That would be pretty neat. I love how simple the lines of your graphics are.

  6. How exciting!!!! Love giveaways!
    I'm digging the pin up girl too!

    Graphic: wp facing right
    Text: Makin' Trax
    Object: the pass side rear window of my pick up. So Silver outdoor. (2001 dodge ext cab)

    Cool graphics,I had a tough time deciding. If I was going to design one that really fit my horse- it would be a girl on a horse at a dead run. (Hence the name- Makin Trax)

    1. Good idea! I'll add that to my list! I think that image would work really nicely with the style!

  7. GRAPHIC: Showmanship, horse facing RIGHT
    Rodeo font and just "Sam"
    White or Royal Blue
    Most likely my Hat can :)
    Jumping, trail, maybe a western cross type of idea? They are really popular with the barrel racers around here.

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