Sunday, November 3, 2013


Thank you all for your votes and shares on my recent design competition jacket!  I received a solid 2nd Place.  Unlike last year when I think I was beat out of 1st and 2nd place because teenage girls have too many facebook friends and not because of design merit, THIS year I feel very good about my placing.  The winner was clearly a high quality design.

SO my prize is $150 in Hobby Horse store credit.  Last year's prize money bought me the black pants and fabric for this year's SMS suit.  This year I'm going to wait and see what the 2014 line has for new colors. I'm pretty sure there's going to be grey as a base color, but odds are I'm going to stick to my black base for my own wardrobe for SO many reasons... I'll run into the same roadblocks I did when I was considering the Teal.  grey would require yet ANOTHER pair of boots, and I can't imagine wearing either my black or my bone hat with grey so I'd need to buy white (too hard to keep clean) or grey (can't find one I can afford) and either way that would require me to ALSO buy a double hat can.  I could spend the money for pants/boots/hat/carrier, OR I could take more lessons and stick with black.  I'm pretty sure you know what the better decision is. KISS, right?

I'm playing around with iron-on transfers for my Etsy store. I have to do more R&D, but what do you think?  What would you be most likely to buy?  A t-shirt?  Tank?  Hoodie?  Tote-bag?

Here's two quick samples I did:

Silver on Black

Multi on White


  1. Congratulations on winning second place in the contest! Last year was third, this year was second, so it stands to reason that next year you'll win!

    I like the sparkling iron ons... I like the idea of having a tote bag! I'd probably do a tank too, but the tote would be fun to have at the shows.

  2. Love the glitter transfers :) I'm a big glitter fan!