Monday, October 6, 2014

It's Quarter Horse Congress Time!!!

It's October in Columbus, Ohio!  That mean's the Congress is in town!

Since 1966 Quarter Horses have been gathering for what is now the largest single-breed horse show in the world with 20,000 entries in 2013. This year's Novice Amateur Western Pleasure has the highest entry count at 176.

I will be visiting several times this year and will be giving you all the highlights from the non-exhibitor's perspective.

Yesterday I met up with B and A (A owns a cutter named Cowboy and board's at B's place) to watch some cutting and do a little shopping.  The Trade Show doesn't officially open until the 7th, but most of the larger retailers such as Rod's, Chick's, Cashman's, Sean Ryan, etc. were up and running.  I didn't buy anything yet... but I've got a list as always.  I did find this plain little work saddle.... 'cause crystals under my thigh seem like a great idea.....

If you are willing to give out an email address, you can watch all three arenas streaming online.

iequine LIVE Streaming Here!

For more information, visit the Congress website: Quarter Horse Congress Website

I'll post more after my next visit!


  1. You Columbus-ian's are lucky! I'll be there next weekend and can't wait!:)

  2. I really really want to go to QH Congress one day! Have a great time

  3. Congress is such a unique experience! I've always loved having it in my backyard :-)

  4. So jealous that you live there and can go all the time!!! We are heading down Oct 16-20th. The shopping is the best. Rod's was my fav last year.