Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Horse Show

I had my second and final show of the season on Sunday.

My sweet Lillypony has been out with a popped splint so I started riding Super in my lessons in preparation for the show.

Super is a 20-something AQHA gelding with points in Hunter Under Saddle.  You wouldn't know it to look at him when he's packing along the lil'uns, but that old man knows his job and remembers the good old days. He was Junior's neighbor so I know him pretty well.  His people are very nice, too. I like to call him Super-man.

Super-Man tells it like it is...
It's a hunter/jumper barn so it's all-English-all-the-time, in fact I think there's only ONE western rider left in the barn... even the BO sold her last western saddle last week.

I showed in four classes: W/T Equitation Pattern, W/T/C Equitation Pattern, Adult W/T Flat and W/T/C Flat.

We won both patterns, which was pretty cool.  Here are the patterns!
Walk/Trot Eq. Pattern
W/T/C Eq. Pattern

After the show the judge told me I "mastered the pattern" so that felt good. Not sure which one she meant so I'm going to pretend she meant both.

I was 2nd in the Adult class of 4 and DFL in the WTC, which isn't surprising since it was against almost all lesson kids.  There were 7 in the class and Junior's OP (on his new horse!) and I tied for 6th. In addition to my TERRIBLE sitting trot, I also failed to set him up correctly for a trot to canter transition and he picked up the wrong lead.  We had been schooling walk to canter transitions but not trot to canter so I messed it up..... RIGHT in front of the judge.  Oh well.

My friend SF (actually the former BM from the barn before this one) has been riding the BO's horse, Scooby, so we had to capture the first time we got to show together.... who knows if we'll have the opportunity again!

Seriously, I fail at the sitting trot which is embarrassing because I ride western.  I think the difference is that with longer western stirrups I can open my hip angle and sit deeper and in an English saddle I feel like I can't get my weight down. Something to work on, I guess!

Ohai, Scooby!