Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bit Warmers!!!

Hey!  Remember in the before time, in the long long ago when I spent a year perfecting a bit warmer pattern/tutorial and started selling it on Etsy?

Well guess what!?!?!

I have some FINISHED bit warmers for sale!  You can now have your very very own!  And you don't even need to sew!!!

I've looked closely at all the bit warmer options on Etsy and I'm still convinced mine are the best ones. They are also the highest priced ones. Yes, clearly I am biased, but I'm the only one who offers something that is both washable (outer layer) and totally safe to put in the microwave (inner layer).  Although it's clear that many of the ones on Etsy were inspired by my original tutorial which were polar fleece and I did put them in the microwave... but that was before I really thought about how polyester melts.  So I upgraded.   And they are a bit time consuming.  Lots of steps.  Worth it though.  Totally worth it.

Also, if you google DIY Bit Warmer, it's all me or things inspired by me.  Even the eHow article which is clearly a rip off of my original post.... lazy. Although the youtube video is not me and made me giggle.... cause that won't warm anything up... it's just fabric.

They really are awesome if I do say so myself.  I am currently in a barn with no microwave, so I've been stuffing the pockets of the polar fleece shell with my hand warmers.  Totally works!  Then I stick the hand warmers in my pockets and go ride.

Seriously:  Happy pony + Happy hands = Everyone wins.

So head on over to Etsy and buy me out before Christmas!  The monogrammed ones are particularly cool.  And because you've been here since the beginning of the bit warmer saga four years ago, and because I like you guys so much, you can use coupon code VIPTEN and get 10% off.  Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!!!!

And to those of you in climates warm enough to render this object useless: Shut it.  Seriously.  Or let me move in with you. I lost all feeling in my toes today and then it came back in a burning fire pain. Gotta love Raynauds.  Also, last Wednesday I bit my tongue while trying to talk through chattering teeth.  It still hurts.

Is it Spring yet?


Helo "helping" me sew....