Monday, March 7, 2011

Saddle Search - Part V - The Order

I ordered a saddle today. In true Overanxious form, I will spend from now until it arrives freaking out that I have made a horrible, horrible mistake. A horrible, horrible custom-ordered mistake. The guy at Rod's was extremely helpful and even shaved a bit off the price for me. He was very helpful, even calling back to confirm the details a second time to make sure.

I ordered the 2736 in a 15" seat. When I rode in the Border Reiner I seemed to have to put the stirrups almost all the way up and couldn't really get the hobbles on. I gave them my inseam measurement and they are giving me the "Youth" fenders instead of the regular ones. Golly I hope they are right about that! I just hope the fender bump isn't at my knee!!!

Color? OH, well I think it's best if I keep that part a secret since it's been the topic of debate. :) You can't wait 8 weeks, can't you?

I will tell you that I consulted a local judge who generously provided me with honest professional advice on the matter. I think I have made the right decision, but I'm still a bit freaked out.

The question is... CAN I keep it a secret?

I doubt Junior can.....

"Hey Chevy, guess what?!?!"


  1. Im very excited for you! Now you can join me in the 6-8 week waiting process for the saddle to arrive...its only been two weeks for mine and IM still impatient!

    I wish you would tell us the color...but SIGH I suppose I can wait.

    Cute picture of Jr btw! :D

  2. Yea! Good for you and your beauteous Roan!

    Saddle fit can be the most important thing..once you've got all other aspects down-diet, feet, general management.
    I'm at 5 for 5-saddles all wrong. Could write a book!

    I know nothing of Western fit, aside from no bridging, not too tight at shoulder, skirt not too long, as to push it foreward when the horse is round, correct seat size, so you have leg under you... Girth placement...
    Good pad system...what else?

    I knowMy saddle,I just ordered to be made-one week ago (has has has to be right) will be great...I mean, I've researched this out for 6 mo!

    10 weeks to go and 8 for you!
    Kinda exciting times for us.... My mare is non responsive to the news-I've not done right by her.

    Looking foreward to seeing yours!

  3. Yeah! Glad you made the order. Smart idea to consult a local judge on the colour.

    I have youth fenders too - that is the one thing I loved about the Rocking R - it was so easy to get them put on...

    Now you wait. And wait. It will seem like the longest 8 weeks ever. lol I know waiting for mine sure felt like it!

  4. Fortunately he'll look stunning in whatever color you chose!

    Congratulations on taking the plunge and ordering :)

  5. Congrats! Unfortunately while I want to say the next 6-8 weeks will speed past I am pretty sure they will not go fast enough. But just think of it this way by the time it arrives it will be some time in May and it will be WARM! Whatever color you got you are the one that has to be happy with it not us so I am sure it will be great.

  6. Youth fenders, you say? Interesting! I might have to look into that if I ever get a new western saddle...

    I can't wait to see the new saddle on Junior when it arrives. I'm sure it will be absolutely perfect and all that worry will just disappear! :)

  7. Congrats on taking the plunge! Can't wait to see photos of Junior rockin' the new ride :}