Thursday, March 10, 2011

Showmanship Jacket - Take II

Below is actually an earlier version of the design from yesterday. I had nixed it originally because I was trying not to have to purchase a new hat. But comments about making the design brighter around the face are very legit and since this trusty black thing has been in and out of the show pen for over 15 years now, only cost me $25 and has been through far too many shapings (from the 90's flat brim to the Arab Taco) it might be okay to retire it. MIGHT. The other hard part is actually matching the hat color to the shoulder fabric. Sort of has to be a perfect match in this situation. I don't want to spend much so I'm limited to the few in my budget. But what do you think about this one?

Or if it's too wierd with the two different colored sleeves:

I feel like I'm losing the simplicity from the all black one.

Another option would be going with a black/white/silver but then I'd either have to haul around 2 hats (which also means buying a new hat can - In2Paints I can hear you laughing!) or buy a new show blanket or use the boring black one.

There's only so much funding Junior is willing to throw at this, you know.


  1. I much prefer this mock up! Its beautiful! And honestly, I dont think you need a "perfect match" for heavens sake your head isnt THAT close. But obviously, there is a difference in cream, tan, and sand. Fortunetly, you can still get a nice 2x or 4x quailty hat for only $60 (around here at least). Thats the quality of my silverbelly and with care, its been three years and you could hardly tell.

  2. I like the second one with the design continuing across the sleeve. Very nice.
    Can you buy the hat first and then find fabric to match?

  3. I really like the second one, it just looks more finished to me. It's so cool that you can make your own outfit, I wish I could!

  4. Wait, are you figure skating or riding a horse?

  5. @PHM - The cheapest new is $85 at Rods, but that's not out of the question. For a light hat I'd hesitate to buy used unless I can see it in person.

    @Barbara - Yes, but I'm hoping to be able to use the same type of fabric that my pants are made out of so I'm limited to the Hobby Horse colors and fabric shopping locally is always such a disappointment.

    @eventer79- LOL It's definitely an acquired taste. I cringe at most of the clothes, but if I don't fit in a little I'll look out of place. It's a painful balancing act. But as they say: When in Rome!

    Check out some of these (and their prices!):

    And so you can see them sparkle:

    Now, I'm now showing at Congress so I won't be THAT much of a mirror-ball. Those things have thousands of crystals. Yak.

  6. haha I didnt mean I bought my hat new, Ive had it for three years. Ah, Rods would be different cost, our western shop (I used to work there) is family owned so prices tend to be different then elsewhere.

  7. Wow, show clothes for that world have come a long way. I'm glad in dressage I don't have much choice: black and white, done!

    I LOVE your designs! However, you might be a little careful with tan up against your face - you may look really washed out and from a distance, the line between your shirt and your face may be very hard to see. Maybe a strong but flattering color on you that also complements your horse as the counter-change to the black would be an option?

  8. i really like the two tone jacket, however i would be concerned that the lighter colored fabric on one shoulder may look like your shoulders are off balance... i prefer the simplicity of the all black outfit. it's a classy safe bet!

  9. But just think... if you get a new hat can you can put a sweet decal on it! :)

    Matching colors can definitely be a challenge, but if you're going to stick with Hobby Horse fabric you should be pretty safe.

    With a color that is not black or tan, though, you can just pair it with whatever hat you want to wear, or whichever one looks best with the outfit.

    I think of those two you posted, I like the first one better because if you're wearing it for horsemanship at all, the different color sleeve might distort your appearance a bit.